Wednesday, 3 December 2014

[Word for Word Q&A TRANS3] Starmedia Team met actor #김재중

Credit @crystalmoon64 Crystal Moon
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Kim Jaejoong got up earlier than the staff and finished his exercise before the shooting began. Spending all day contemplating on the poses as he changed clothes hundreds of times under a very tight schedule, he still managed to produce fabulous pictorials using his extraordinary focus. He was a real pro nonchalant in front of his blue-eyed fans who followed him to every shooting location.

If there were a reality program with a unique platform, “Survive in a place where nobody has gone to,” Kim Jaejoong would ace it with his volubility. Seeing him does what he had to do without a word under harsh circumstances made me think that he would be perfect for a survival variety show. So I asked. “How many days do you think you can survive if you were put in an uninhibited island alone?” He thought about it for a moment and answered, “Honestly, if I just had a knife, I can go on forever.”

He was not just his word. Kim Jaejoong kept his pace as an artist whatever happened around him. “Tenaciousness,” “Viability,” “Self-sufficiency” are his assets. There had been numerous bumps and curves in his life but he never gave up and was able to maintain his life at a steady speed because he had the firm determination that kept him in this difficult course.

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