Tuesday, 15 October 2013

[RANKING] 131015 Kim Jaejoong’s “Shiny Day” tops iTunes Overall Chart in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong,Thailand and Vietnam

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iTunes Overall Single Chart #1

Note: “A Shiny Day” by Kim Jaejoong is the FIRST EVER Korean title track with ALL KOREAN LYRICS in song to achieve number one spot on iTunes Japan, all Genres chart (Source: The Natsu Style, via ilovekimjaejoong)
[Updated with Vietnam]
Jaejoong’s “Shiny Day” Tops iTunes Overall Chart in Vietnam (Kim Gia Phu Phu FB via @DefertoNeminemJ)

iTunes Overall Single Chart #2

Kim Jaejoong’s “Shiny Day” on Singapore iTunes #3 under All Genres. (via @ShadowJaeJes)

Kim Jaejoong’s Shiny Day, #4 on iTunes Philippines Overall Single Chart  (via Philippine Music Charts)

Kim Jaejoong’s Shiny Day, #16 on iTunes Indonesia Top Single Chart, but it’s the only Korean song on the chart ^^ (via @KJJ_INA)

                                                                     Source: iTunes
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