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[PICS + TRANS] 131030 Naver Music: Story (WWW: Who, When, Why) Album Production

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Naver Music: Story (WWW: Who, When, Why) Album Production

Story #1

Determine album release date and song preparation. Kim Jaejoong works on his music all the time, no matter where he is at. He is an artiste who writes heartfelt lyrics and melodies. Kim Jaejoong uses these music notes, piano, and headset for (WWW: Who, When, Why) album preparation.

Story #2
Finally, the recording starts. There were great expectations for Kim Jaejoong’s rock songs since the early stages of recording..^^ The picture on the right shows the final stage of recording. Jaejoong brought his puppy, Hiro to the studio to monitor the recording with him. Hiro listens to Sunny Day (Feat. NOEL Lee Sang Gon). (^^;;)

Story #3
Meeting about album jacket and concept. Kim Jaejoong, photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist, CD team, design team, and everyone who is involved in the album production gathered to give their opinions on the album concept. After an very long meeting, the coexistence of purity and unconventionality was decided as the album concept. In order to show a different side of himself, Jaejoong made several new attempts. So, the cool album jacket was made.

Story #4
Filming of the music video. 1000 frames were produced per second using high-speed photography. Even though Kim Jaejoong acted for only a second, it seemed like a 10-seconds long video. Kim Jaejoong was so superb in showing deep and subtle expressions that he received constant applause from the surrounding staff!

Story #5
Filming the ending scene of the music video. Kim Jaejoong was seen walking in front of a 30 meters tall crane dropping old belongings from the relationship. Due to the sunlight, props, and other filming obstacles, rehearsals had to be done several times. Finally, a great ending was shot.^^

Story #6
Completion of all 13 song recordings! Now that the recordings are done, it’s time to wait for the album release~ The artiste, fans, and the staff involved in the album are all excited. (WWW: Who, When, Why) is finally released on 29 October. To the composers, staff in the recording studio, and fans who have waited for the album… Thank you.

Source: Naver Music 
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
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