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[INTERVIEW] 131029 Daum Music: Kim Jaejoong’s WWW (Who, When, Why)

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Q: Heard that the title of the album, ‘Who When Why’ is your idea. What does that mean?

A: ‘Who, when and why’ are three words that always appear when love begins and ends. Among the 13 songs in this album, I’ve participated in the lyrics writing of 10 songs, expressing my beliefs in love. This is an album with love as the common theme and I want to use different types of music and voice to express what I think of love. 

Q: After listening to the album, I found that there is not only rock, but pop punk, ballads, a variety of music genres. Let’s introduce the album.

A: This album is mainly of rock music, including soft rock, hard rock, pop punk, ballads, music of different styles. It has rock songs with fast and strong tempo, rock songs which are more tailored to the general public’s taste, Brit-rock with slow tempo, and also songs towards the end of pop punk, folk and ballads. I’ve worked hard to present 13 songs which are all different and use different voice to sing each song. People would wonder if the songs are indeed sung by Kim Jae Joong after hearing them. 

Q: The title song, ‘Just Another Girl’, is a song with fast tempo but the lyrics imply that the song is about a bad guy. You have personally written the lyrics so what do you mean by that?

A: Yes, the lyrics of the title song, ‘Just Another Girl’, is written by me. It’s the last warning given to the woman who abandons and leaves me. It is about a man who believes the relationship between him and a woman is true love, yet is considered as easy love for the woman. The song describes a wounded man trying to step out of the pain for himself. He says to the woman who has had a change of heart, ‘You’re just another girl’, to express his anger towards her.

Q: The photos for your album cover are really special. Your personal ideas are reflected through the photos so what do you want to express through the photos?

A: Directly speaking, I want to break down ‘prejudice’, to escape from others’ prejudice on me and from the image I have had. I want to take challenge on new things, in other words, take risks. Being a person, he or she will have his or hers image. What I want to express is the feeling of freedom by getting rid of the stereotypical image of myself in others’ eyes. That’s why I have done everything I wanted to try. (For the photo shoots), I’ve drawn tattoo on my body, injected clocks into the intravenous drip, and presented images such as using a baseball bat to break all those biased views on me. As a whole, the expressions and the actions look natural and I’m very satisfied with these photos. 

Q: Tell us some anecdotes of what happened during the photo shoot for this album.

A: The last page of the album photos is a picture of my striking the wall with a baseball bat. I struck the wall with all my strength without knowing that the wall was so hard. Thus, my hands hurt but I felt happy and free of worries. The staff later told me because I was hitting the wall so hard, even those who just watched me felt their stress being released.

Q: I know you’re going to start your Asia Concert Tour on 2nd, 3rd of November. What kind of stage performances can we see in this Asia Tour?

A: It’s a secret! The entire concert will consist of all my songs. There will be interactions and everyone’s stress will be released. It will be a concert filled with passion. 

Q: Have you prepared anything special for the concerts?

A: The things that I have prepared for my concerts are…practice and physical strength! I feel excited and nervous to meet you with a new album. Besides excitement, practice is the way to help smooth away my anxiety. I’d not forget to practice even having busy schedules. Physical strength as well! This time, I’d start from Seoul, to Japan and other Asian countries so having enough stamina is the most fundamental thing! I’d see you at the concerts in my best form! 

Q: You’d be busier when you start your Asia Concert Tour. Is there anything you should never forget?

A: When we tour around Asian countries, I’d need to learn their local languages! I’d like to learn more than simple greetings but sometimes, it’s not that easy. I feel really grateful and amazed when I see fans singing in Korean with me. I’d work hard on learning your languages to meet you there!
Q: Say something to the fans of Daum Music.

A: Everyone, please turn up the volume when you listen to my songs. Relax and listen to the songs following the rhythm! It’s quite nice to turn up the volume and listen to very loud music in your bedroom. 

Q: Lastly, please tell us what you want to express through this album?

A: If you ask me recently what I cherish the most, I am confident to say what I cherish the most is my album. I’m very satisfied with this album. As I have imagined, it has shattered the stereotypical images of how people have perceived me. [WWW] for me is an album full of happiness, courage and it has somewhat brought me consolation. I hope it’s an album that fills your heart for all of you.

Source: Daum Music
Translated by: Mandragore of JYJ3
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