Thursday, 1 August 2013

[TWEET] Jaejoong Tweet Storm 2nd August 2013


Some people say.. the most beautiful youthful but short age is twenties but..
actually we all always have "the most shining and happy point" and a chance in our each life.
At the every moment from the point of the beginning to the point of the end, we could always have "the best moment".


For example.. even if you have some very hard and ugly moment.. the
some others may have 'that moment(most shining and happiest moment)'.
The best and valuable happiness is not everything that you can see.
It's something that only you can see.. " Your own the most shining thing" 


Did you find the moment-"your own shining point" until now?
I think it might be your own memories or very tiny thing that only you have.
Find and think about...
the preciousness and greatness of "my" existence.

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