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[NEWS] Top 4 Prettiest Boys in K-pop? ‘Who’s Your Fave?’ – Kim Jaejoong

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K-pop is filled with boys that are prettier than the contestants in a Miss Korea pageant. By definition, a “pretty boy” is a male who has feminine, delicate features, and trust me when I say that K-pop is filled with men that possess the beauty of goddesses. The male idols who made our list today meet all the qualifications of being a pretty boy and today we’re going to take a look at some of the fairest lookers of them all.

JYJ’s Jaejoong has to discussed before we can move on to anyone else on this list. If JaeJoong was a super hero, his power would be to hypnotize enemies with his beauty. He is undoubtedly the prettiest man in the entire history of Korean pop culture and there is no one that can hold a candle to this man’s feminine anime prince like features. His sunken double eye-lids give him a sexy edge and the slight bulges under his eyeballs bring it all together. When he wears color contacts, it ups his features to an almost exotic level. His lips are perfectly plump with a shade of pink that make them irresistible to the ladies. He literally looks like he just walked out of a manga and came to life. JYJ’s JaeJoong is the ultimate pretty boy!

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Some comments that I picked up from JYJ3 reader ...

Jaejoong can be pretty sometimes but I find him so seductively, manly good looking most of the times and yes multi-talented who’s a cute sweetheart …..but can be the most naughty devil if he wants to play kiss b, :)
in other words he’s too good to be true! (cr @kris)

Jaejoong is really exceptional! A funny story, I once tried to describe him to my friend and I was like “He is so pretty, but sharp-looking…he is super cute, but so manly…He is very shy, but too daring…He is very kind & calm, but a weirdo and very hyper…He is very polite, but VERY erotic…” My friend’s face was like O.o!!!!!!!!!! and then I realized what I’m saying is totally nonsense, I mean nothing near logic BUT…its TRUE xD Jaejoong is a person who came from outer space to earth  (cr @YaRa JaeJoongie)

And as for me ...
he is amazing. Actually I lost for word how to describe him … He is my SUNSHINE …I always say that he is GORGEOUS, HANDSOME, SEXY, UNIQUE, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL and I hardly says that he is pretty coz he is more than that…





This is what I call BEAUTIFUL

And many more ...I can't describe ...

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