Thursday, 4 April 2013

[TWITTER] 130405 Jaejoong Twitter Update

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Our future is still unclear. In an incomplete world.. Still many things are happening and we are fighting them
Still fighting many things.. Over and over. But I’m no longer afraid!
No matter what happens and how much time has passed,
I’ve found something unchanged.
That’s TRUST…

It’s not something I can do alone …
I’m not alone so I’m not afraid…
It can be anywhere
Great to hear your voices
Great to be able to see your tears and smiles ..
Everyone, really thank you –

Sorry. Sleepy so my Japanese was bad — (T.T)
Anyway.. Thanks everyone — (T.T)

Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Japanese to English Translation: @Jen_BabyLove
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I love this comment by one of the JYJ3ers .... and I would like to share it here 

Life is always a journey. It’s about taking actions and not living with the thought of “What If”. Oppa, when your limited you can only do what you can do. But, remember u have us and your family behind you. So, that means you will never be limited when it comes to that. Your never alone, you will eternally have our full support. Fans waited for JYJ “Return”. Yes, it may have been a long wait but it’s a experience fans won’t take for granted because we truly appreciated that you kept us in your heart. And their wasn’t a day you forgot about us. Fans knows that your heart is sincere, we see the sincerity in JYJ eyes. What matters as of now, is that JYJ “Return” and this is the first step in taking hold of your future as a whole once again. Kim Jae Joong…we sincerely love you and always see your efforts. JYJ has the ability to go extremely far and even farther. Honestly, speaking I already see JYJ wings in the sky…JYJ has come a long way. Your journey has not ended. This is just the very beginning to your VERY promising future. As a fan I will always have faith and trust in you (JYJ)! 

I LOVE YOU! I LOVE JYJ! I LOVE KJJ! I LOVE YC! I LOVE JS! I’ve come to admire the fandom that holds your and JYJ best interest at heart.

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