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[NEWS] 130425 Sold out Prince Jejung’s (JYJ) starring movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ is No 1! Great economic effect with the film’s release!

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Jejung’s movie Code Name: Jackal is showing great results with the public – the making of the DVD is no 1 in Amazon, the magazine with Jejung on the cover is no 1 in Amazon as well, its official twitter account is no 1 in terms of having the most followers for Korean movies, the ‘Jejunomics’* whirlwind is getting stronger.
[Jejunomics effect]
- Server paralysis during the advance ticket selling
The servers of the website selling the first advance tickets last Feb 9 temporarily went down due to a lot of people accessing the website.
- Making of the movie DVD is no 1 in Amazon’s foreign films in both Comedy and Suspense categories
‘Jejung in Code Name Jackal Making Film DVD Part 1′ became no 1 on the Comedy and Suspense Categories last Apr 20 and Apr 24 which is the release date. Its sales is unusually high for a making of a Korean movie DVD.
- Magazines with Jejung on the cover are selling crazily. Publishers rejoices!
・Magazine ‘Asian Pops Magazine’ (4/12 release) is no 1 in Amazon magazine category as soon as the reservation opened in late March! It is currently out of stock. But the publisher decided to print more copies as soon as possible!
・Magazine ‘Boda Japan’ (4/16 release) is no 1 in Amazon magazine category when the reservation started last March 29! As of 4/24, it is still no 1!
- The official twitter account surpassed more than 10,000 followers!
Twitter followers for the official account @Jackalmovie has reached 10,000 followers making it the no 1 Korean movie twitter account. It is published in Japan these days, the no of followers is more than the followers of Hollywood movies’ twitter accounts
- Solo album with songs for the movie is sweeping the charts!
First solo mini-album I was released on January 17.
1/14 – no 1 in Tower records album rankings
1/17 – no 1 in Japan Itunes
1/28 – no 5 in Oricon’s weekly chart for foreign music
2/1 – no 1 in Shinseido Japan overall ranking
・No 1 in Rakuten
・No 1 in Tower records and Tsutaya
[Pre-released song "One Kiss"]
・No 1 in nine countries across the world including Itunes Japan (general and rock categories)
- Repacked album Y
50,000 copies were sold out immediately in Korea
・No 1 in Tower Records online daily ranking for 3 consecutive days
・No 1 in HMV online overall ranking
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Ruby’s Note: * Jejunomics – Jejung + economics. word play showing Jejung generates his own supply and demand lol.

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