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[NEWS] 130425 Sold out Prince Jejung’s (JYJ) starring movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ is No 1! Great economic effect with the film’s release!

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Jejung’s movie Code Name: Jackal is showing great results with the public – the making of the DVD is no 1 in Amazon, the magazine with Jejung on the cover is no 1 in Amazon as well, its official twitter account is no 1 in terms of having the most followers for Korean movies, the ‘Jejunomics’* whirlwind is getting stronger.
[Jejunomics effect]
- Server paralysis during the advance ticket selling
The servers of the website selling the first advance tickets last Feb 9 temporarily went down due to a lot of people accessing the website.
- Making of the movie DVD is no 1 in Amazon’s foreign films in both Comedy and Suspense categories
‘Jejung in Code Name Jackal Making Film DVD Part 1′ became no 1 on the Comedy and Suspense Categories last Apr 20 and Apr 24 which is the release date. Its sales is unusually high for a making of a Korean movie DVD.
- Magazines with Jejung on the cover are selling crazily. Publishers rejoices!
・Magazine ‘Asian Pops Magazine’ (4/12 release) is no 1 in Amazon magazine category as soon as the reservation opened in late March! It is currently out of stock. But the publisher decided to print more copies as soon as possible!
・Magazine ‘Boda Japan’ (4/16 release) is no 1 in Amazon magazine category when the reservation started last March 29! As of 4/24, it is still no 1!
- The official twitter account surpassed more than 10,000 followers!
Twitter followers for the official account @Jackalmovie has reached 10,000 followers making it the no 1 Korean movie twitter account. It is published in Japan these days, the no of followers is more than the followers of Hollywood movies’ twitter accounts
- Solo album with songs for the movie is sweeping the charts!
First solo mini-album I was released on January 17.
1/14 – no 1 in Tower records album rankings
1/17 – no 1 in Japan Itunes
1/28 – no 5 in Oricon’s weekly chart for foreign music
2/1 – no 1 in Shinseido Japan overall ranking
・No 1 in Rakuten
・No 1 in Tower records and Tsutaya
[Pre-released song "One Kiss"]
・No 1 in nine countries across the world including Itunes Japan (general and rock categories)
- Repacked album Y
50,000 copies were sold out immediately in Korea
・No 1 in Tower Records online daily ranking for 3 consecutive days
・No 1 in HMV online overall ranking
Source: M PostTranslated By: Ruby of JYJ3
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Ruby’s Note: * Jejunomics – Jejung + economics. word play showing Jejung generates his own supply and demand lol.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

[Video/PICS] Kim Jaejoong FM/Mini Concert Nanjing - 사랑했지만 (Though I Loved You)

"Though I Loved You" sang by Kim Kwang Seok originally.  And this song was sing by Jaejoong in his Mini Concert as requested by his fan. I never heard this song before. However, my tears starts to flow the first time time I listen to this song. The emotion that he portrayed in this song is so amazing. Though I did not understand the meaning of this song ... but the voice touched my heart. It hurts but at the same time the voice soothe me to a tears .....

And I love to screen caps every moment when he sing this song ...

 Credit: @Rinmaze 

[MyFanArt] JYJ NII Summer Collection 2013

Monday, 8 April 2013

[PIC] Kim Jaejoong Nanjing FM/Concert Solo Album - Favorite Photos

THE BEST PIC ..... Love the blue lighting 

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[NEWS] 130408 JYJ Tokyo Dome Concert Rakes in 20 Billion, Live Broadcast In 113 Japanese Theaters For Devoted Fans

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K-Pop fans all over Japan are calling it ‘The Return of the King.’ On April 2, in the heart of Japan,JYJ opened their concert ‘The Return of the JYJ’ at the Tokyo Dome for the first time in approximately 3 years and closed the three day long concert with great success.
According to JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, there were over 300,000 pre-orders for tickets to the concert. 150,000 people were able to obtain tickets from amongst this number through a random drawing. Needless to say, tickets quickly sold out.
The price of a ticket was 10,500 yen. Going by the exchange rate on April 4th, that amount translates to about 130,000 won (approximately 115 USD). Based on ticket sales alone, JYJ raked in about 19.5 billion won. Merchandise such as towel, t-shirt, and glow-stick sets sold for 100,000 won. Relatively, individual more inexpensive items sold like hot cakes. Starting from 6am, fans crowded around the vicinity of the Tokyo Dome and spent their time buying JYJ merchandise.
Combining all these sales together, JYJ must have brought in over 20 billion won from their Tokyo Dome concert. The net profit is a secret. “Considering overall costs such as the personnel expenses for the Japanese production agency we used, we aren’t sure yet how much the profit-loss calculation will be,” said an agent from C-JeS Entertainment, with few words.
What about the 300,000 who had wanted to pre-order tickets but were unable to obtain them? For these fans, the last day of the concert was broadcast live in various movie theatre chains throughout Japan. The movie theatres included 113 theatres nationwide such as Japan’s premier movie theatres Thoho Cinema and Warner Mycal.
“The truth is, as the Hallyu wave cools down little by little, Korean movie showtimes had been pushed to the back time slots, whether early in the morning or late at night. But extraordinarily, the JYJ concert was broadcast live during the evening at a prime time,” claimed the C-JeS Entertainment agent. “By this alone, we can see how big JYJ’s popularity is in Japan.”
The fans’ welcoming was also very warm. “I waited for three years with a bit of anxiety,” said Chieko (age 26, F), a local fan at the concert who was deeply moved. “Watching the performance today, I feel that the three year wait was entirely worth it. JYJ is extraordinary. I always told myself that if I waited, I would be able to see them. I missed them so much. I’m so happy to be able to see them again at Tokyo Dome, and so thankful.”
Aya (29, F) was also moved. “Just last year, I went to Korea two times to see JYJ,” she said extremely pleased. ” Seeing JYJ in Japan again is just entirely different than going to their concert. I’m so thankful they didn’t give up, and we are so glad that we waited together. This amount of feeling and devotion exchanged between artist and fan is unrivaled.”
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Sunday, 7 April 2013

[GIF] Kim Jaejoong Sexy Killer Moves ....

I don't know how he did that ...
He's killing me with that smirk (*⌒‿⌒*) Credit as tagged

Saturday, 6 April 2013

[TRANS] 2013 JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome – Letters to Fans

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These letters appeared on the big screen onstage near the ending of “Boy’s Letter”

[TRANS] Even though it’s embarrassing to be writing a letter like this to the fans, but I feel if I write it into words, my pent up feelings can be convey. I am always grateful of your unending support
- Junsu

[TRANS] If there’s none of you who stand in front of me now, I don’t think I will be here.
The very reason that I am standing here is because of you who’re standing here.
- Yuchun

[TRANS] I think there’s no other happiness I’ve ever felt where I can stand and sing before all of you like today.
I hope this happiness would stay in mine and your heart “forever”~!

[TRANS] It was such a long time. (We) made you wait. For a long time… Thanks to that long time.. We, have become stronger..  Everyone, thank you.
And, I love you.
“Forever”… -JYJ -
Picture Credits: @jeje_reico(JS, YC) + @JJ_Peace(JJ) + lejxiah(JYJ)
Translation Credit: Helly of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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