Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Video/PICS] Kim Jaejoong - I Will Always Love You 나 항상 그대를

This is my favorite video among all fancams ...its very HQ and you can feel like he is singing in front of you. So close and clear. Somehow I find the way he sing this song is so sexy..that is why I call this 'sexy song'. The way he suave his body following to the rhythm. Gosh really kills me. And you can't question his voice.It makes you glued to your place and never want him to stop singing.

The color especially the purple and blue lighting enhance excitement to this performance. The lighting makes him sexier and mysterious and not to mention handsome too. Not that he need all that ... But I simply love it ....Below are the screen caps that I really love....

 (。♥‿♥) The Video  (。♥‿♥。) 

Credit to @karitaraa and @凝雪轩主_jade

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