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[TRANS] 130308 STAR COLUMN: Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour Story

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It’s been 4 years since JYJ’s Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome last June 2010. The thought of meeting their fans after a long time is really exciting for them. For the fans who have waited for four years, JYJ is going to show them the best stage.

Kim Jaejoong started his Asia Tour in Bitec Hall, Bangkok, Thailand last February 17 and will continue to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nanjing, etc. Through Naver star column, let’s reveal Kim Jaejoong’s many thoughts.
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I like people. Every person has his own smell and has stories to tell. If you talked to each other for the first time with an open mind, we can quickly become friends. So I like to meet new people and create a bond. I don’t care about first impression because I don’t judge a person based on his outside appearance. “Hyung, you’re very popular wherever we go abroad. We’re envious.” My members sometime say this to me. Ever since debut, I am responsible for the strong image. Maybe that’s the reason why I receive more love overseas than domestic. There were many people who have this prejudice against me in Korea. Even though it’s not that many, I always felt this way. I did not receive such prejudice when I am working overseas and meeting people. People like me as Kim Jaejoong despite having different culture or language. For people to be more at ease, I will share a story about me. Language barrier is difficult but I wanted to interact with them more so I continue to build relationships. To be able to share such feelings with people who love our music, it made me respect and love their culture.

Taken at the plane at the start of my tour~ 

I sometimes get asked in interviews, “You have a lot of fans, do you feel indifferent already?” I always say, “Absolutely not.” Fans often ask “Did they receive my letter? My gift? Can they feel my sincerity? Will my feelings reach them?” They might think it is impossible but these things are relayed to us. As everyone carefully prepared all these, I always find a way to listen to the story of the fans. During the times that I was so tired and felt vulnerable to the point that I want to give everything up, they give me an unseen force, a formidable power that makes me feel everything will be okay. It is the power of the fans of course. Due to safety issues, I always exit in a hurry from the airport or tour venues. Even like this, it is very heartwarming for me to see people who come and cheer for me.

During Asia tour rehearsal & behind the scenes

Releasing a solo album under the name Kim Jaejoong. I always prefer the rock genre since I was a kid. On the other hand, while I am preparing for it, everything seems unfamiliar but at the same time exciting, so I enjoy this pleasant feeling a lot. This is not something that people told me to do, it is what I want to do. I want to say something about me so I use music to do that. How wonderful it is. So I decided the name title to be ‘I’.

During the photoshoot for the album cover

I heard the news about the Asia tour while I was preparing for my domestic concert. It gave me strength and motivation. I received a lot of strength from the Asia fanmeeting as an actor during the 2nd half of last year. This time, let’s make this show more extraordinary. Ideas kept on coming and expectations were high. The consensus seems like it will be good to talk to all 5,000 or 10,000 fans and play games with them. Then we add a a mini concert where I can perform the songs from the album and also to sing some songs that I love. So the title is ‘Your, My, and Mine”

 Asia Tour Rehearsal with staff

It was exciting that the start of my first concert is also my birthday. I am really very happy. Many fans enjoyed, laughed, and clapped for me. It was really the best birthday of my life since debut. I really laughed too much (I think that day is also the day that I had laughed the most). I don’t normally see the fans from the stage due to the lighting. But due to the games, I was able to see the fans’ faces with my own eyes. I can see how happy they were and it makes me feel blessed that I nearly shed tears. During the mini-concert, I extended the microphone to the audience, the fans sang to me, “I want to protect you. Even your habits, wrong and bad, Even so they make me smile when I’m tired. It will be a bit difficult but I will even say I love you.” After that, I responded, “I love you. I am in front of you and not in front of others. I am holding your hand.” At that moment, I felt really grateful and special. Fans are the best.

First stop in Asia concert tour is Korea and it was my birthday. I spent it with fans, thank you very much.

The full-fledge Asia tour began. The first schedule is Thailand. It’s been 3 years since our activities as JYJ or solo has been blocked in Japan. Thailand is always the first stop of our concert. JYJ has lots of fans in Thailand who greet and cheer for us. I liked the elephant very much. Thai fans always give me lots of elephant gifts.

I cooked for the fans. I hope you enjoyed it ^^

I am grateful and thankful to Japanese fans. It’s been awhile I met Japanese fans ever since Fuji TV’s Sunao ni Narenakute in 2010. Japanese fans came directly to Korea to passionately cheer for me in Protect the boss, Dr Jin, and Jackal movie. We also recorded the highest number of foreign entries for a single event during the JYJ Membership week. If our main activities are in Korea, Japan is considered our hometown. I also have a lot of Japanese friends so I get the news from them.

During Dr Jin drama fanmeeting

I also traveled to China frequently due to JYJ concerts and fanmeetings. I’ve been in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong and many more cities. The language varies slightly in each region but the enthusiastic cheering is the same across the cities. Nowadays, I am interested in learning Chinese after studying Japanese. It seems really difficult. I like to learn so I can talk more with fans and become closer with them.

Asian tour

Since a lot of people like me, it is difficult to go out as much as I like when I’m in Asia. I usually stay in the hotel. I just sleep, listen to music, swim, read manga, and watch movies. It is really lonely so I try to amuse myself by taking selcas.

 Selca when I was in Thailand ^^

If there is something that I like to tell my fans, “I miss you already and I promise to give you a wonderful performance.”

Proof shots of fans during my birthday concert. Thank you very much

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Written by Kim Jaejoong
Photo credit: C-jes entertainment

Source: Naver Star Column
Translated By: Ruby of JYJ3
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