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[INFO] C-JeS Announcement – The Guideline for JYJ Fan Support

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C-JeS Announcement – The Guideline for JYJ Fan Support
(Dec 13, 2011)
Greetings from C-JeS Entertainment.
We, the company in charge of JYJ’s management, hereby establish the below Guideline for Fan Support effective from Jan 1, 2012.
Until now, we have considered events and sales of goods produced by fan sites as a sphere of fans’ self-regulation. However, it has become inevitable to set the management’s policy regarding fan supports in the form of a guideline because the uses of the artists’ right
to their names without any permission and profit-making that lost the power of self-regulation have occurred. It would be appreciated if you could note this guideline regarding fan supports.

Fan-made goods especially have been serious problems because 1) this has turned into forms of business with high profits beyond the range of fan-activities, 2) the fan goods with artists’ images are being sold in other countries at high price by illegal merchants, 3) due to the industrialization of fan-made goods, the manufacturing of official products which are designed to give back fair earnings to the artists has been damaged, and 4) it causes actual disadvantages for artists as it effects the conditions of violation on official contracts for merchandising products. Therefore, strict policy [as below] will be taken regarding the sales of goods and events.
1) It is prohibited to use JYJ’s right to the names[Nomensrecht] and portrait (photos and images) on [fan-made] products.
2) When there are fan-events of JYJ (Jaejoong/Yuchun/Junsu) involving more than 100 people in attendance, the organizing bodies must inform [C-JeS] about the details of the events in advance.
If there are any entry fees, prior consultation and approval from C-JeS are required regarding the details of funds raised by the entry fees. 
(Events with less than 100 people in attendance or events with no entry fees are excluded.)

3) If funds are raised as entry fees or donations, even if it is for fan supports or charity, such information must be shared with C-JeS in advance.
In spite of these guidelines, we believe that healty fan culture only can be established not by the warnings from the management company but through fans’ own awareness and will. Your wise judgement as fans who love JYJ would be most appreciated.
Thank you.
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 +) To help your understandings:
Many fan-sites declare that the profits from their events or sales of goods are used for the members’ supports or other activities as the money comes from other fans.
However, it became controversial because there have hardly been any statements or reports saying where the fans’ money are actually used.

As the scale of events or profits from fan-made goods are much bigger than the past since not only domestic fans but also international fans pay for them, the sum of money they handle is unimaginably large.
In principle, many fan-made goods violate the artists’ right to their names and portraits, but it was tolerated based on fans’ self-regulation. However, this has become more ‘industrialized’ with huge amount of profit by using the artists’ own rights without any permission or detailed report.
With this official guideline, we hope that events or fan-made goods would have more healty structures in order to protect not only the members’ rights and fair earnings but also fans’ precious money that is paid for the sincere support.
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[Video/PICS] Kim Jaejoong - I Will Always Love You 나 항상 그대를

This is my favorite video among all fancams ...its very HQ and you can feel like he is singing in front of you. So close and clear. Somehow I find the way he sing this song is so sexy..that is why I call this 'sexy song'. The way he suave his body following to the rhythm. Gosh really kills me. And you can't question his voice.It makes you glued to your place and never want him to stop singing.

The color especially the purple and blue lighting enhance excitement to this performance. The lighting makes him sexier and mysterious and not to mention handsome too. Not that he need all that ... But I simply love it ....Below are the screen caps that I really love....

 (。♥‿♥) The Video  (。♥‿♥。) 

Credit to @karitaraa and @凝雪轩主_jade

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[GIFs] JYJ Jaejoong LINE Chat

Baby so cute ..... 

Happy listening to his song as a ringtone ....

A little ..a little 

Jae tongue back in action ... 

Hmmmm..... what am I going to talk about ...

Thank you noona???

Oppa loves you ...... ♥

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[NEWS] 130312 510,000 people from 32 countries participated in Kim Jaejoong’s global LINE chat

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Taking a break from his Asia tour, JYJ Kim Jaejoong had an enjoyable time chatting live with fans from 32 countries.
On the 11th, Kim Jaejoong has spent meaningful time at the Naver headquarters to answer fans’ questions in real-time via the global live chat.
Fans from Korea and other Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand as well as Turkey and Spain had participated in the live chat. It has received over 50,000 comments in real time.
In addition, in two hours, 510,000 fans had participated in the event where you draw a picture that includes the characteristics of their countries in Kim Jaejoong’s photo, proving the incredible global popularity of Kim Jaejoong. Selected from the fierce competition of more than 20,000 applicants, four fans were also chosen to meet and greet Kim Jaejoong at the Naver headquarters personally.
Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will continue his Asia Tour in Shanghai, China on the 17th.
Source: Osen
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3
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[CAPS + GIFS] 130311 Kim Jaejoong’s LINE Chat

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****************************************** .gif ************************************

Credits: Thesweet5 (Caps) + MegWu0312, -everdeen, jyj6002 (Gifs)
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