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[SCANS + TRANS] 130201 Jaejoong Featured in Easy Magazine: All Love For You

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Not long into 2013, Kim Jaejoong brings his new solo, a daring new attempt, giving everyone a visual shock and impact. But this is only the beginning, the demon king has great things in store in the days to come!

Daring Interpretation – Jaejoong Effect
The first teaser of Kim Jaejoong’s solo album is one where he closed his eyes, emerging from darkness. The focal point of the photo is his eyes, where intricate decorative lace lashes have been attached. This effect instantly stunned everyone, and fans discovered after scouring the internet, that the way Jaejoong wore the eye-do surpassed even the product’s professional model, and fully expressed his personality and charm. In addition, Jaejoong once again demonstrated his ‘Kim Jaejoong’ effect, that this particular type of lace lash extensions sold out within hours after the teaser was released.

SOLO Album TOP Quality
Kim Jaejoong has penned the lyrics for all his songs in this album; among the songs, is one where he used his own life story as words for the lyrics, hence there is great expectation for this album. After the first single “One Kiss” has been released, even though it is only a preview version, its not hard to discover that Jaejoong’s singing prowess and charismatic voice works well with the rock genre. At the same time of receiving enthusiastic response, he also expressed his wishes that this album, from the preparation to recording to production, including the filming of the MV, will all be of top quality. Looks like the demon king plans to have an explosive return after staying silent for ages.

Making the MV with Heart
This solo album’s main track is also impressive, being something Kim Jaejoong has never attempted before, but feels like this has been the effect he had intended. Company representative states “We believe this will be one of the most sensational MVs in the Korean music industry this year. In order to achieve a better visual effect, Jaejoong undertook 60 hours of filming, and despite sustaining injuries, still kept his concentration.” This MV used snakes, an owl, along with other animals, to highlight some meanings the lyrics tried to convey, no matter if its Kim Jaejoong’s leap into the air or swirling sands, all made use of high speed camera, so the MV is considered a big production.

Birthday Performance with Huge Meaning
Other than releasing his own solo album, Kim Jaejoong also held a mini concert and fanmeeting on his birthday as a special stage event. This album is mainly rock, and what he intended to present at his concert was a great source of curiosity and anticipation for his fans. This mystery is revealed by himself, that his concert will be named “Your, My and Mine”, with the performance divided into three parts. [JJ said] “Held on my birthday, I feel that will make it more meaningful, and also as a way to express my thanks to fans.”

Heartthrob’s Love Life
As the perfect lover in the hearts of his throngs of female fans, what is Kim Jaejoong’s ideal type like? “I won’t be attracted by perfect women, but I care more about the first impression. I will also pay more attention to females with beautiful hands or feet, and like homely girls who has wifely qualities. But not as a housewife, I hope its someone who has ambition in her own career, but still can take care of the family, juggling well household chores as well. But I swear that, I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment!” Jaejoong is so busy with his career that he probably has no time for love.

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