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[INTERVIEW] 130121 Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Cyworld Music

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1. Please greet the fans at CYworld and introduce your album.
Hello to all friends from CYworld, I’m Jaejoong. This time I brought my solo mini-album to greet everyone. I participated in a lot of the lyric-writing for the album, and I’ve tried very hard to place all the emotional moments I’ve felt into the lyrics. There are two songs in the album that were produced by myself, so I feel a strong connection to this album.

2. This album is an activity after the lapse of a long time. What are your thoughts? Are you excited?
Yes. After JYJ’s Korean album and World Tour, I have presented myself as an actor through dramas and movies. Promoting this album…Mmm…I’m buzzed but not the nervous kind, I guess you can even call it the kind where you are in a really good mood. I’m very happy to meet everyone through music after such a long time. Because this is my first solo album since debut and included the music that I like, perhaps that’s why I have a very special feeling towards it.

3. How does it feel to prepare for a solo album instead of a JYJ album? And when did you start planning for your solo activity?
Hmm…I didn’t feel much different preparing for a JYJ or a solo album. From writing music to recording, I’ve always enjoyed finishing all the work. If you must find a difference, JYJ’s work is to make everyone’s voice work well together to complete a harmony – to combine all the strengths in the different voices of each member – that kind of happiness. During this production of my solo album, the part made me happy is that it contained all of my thoughts and desires and allowed me to see a different self.

4. What were your feelings when you first heard ‘MINE’? And your thoughts when singing the song?
When I first heard the sample, I thought “ah, I want to express the song according to my thought and its original feeling”. On the point of sending a message, I thought ‘MINE’ is a very good song that possesses a strong impression. After arranging and recording the song, I felt that this song would be a piece of music that is very capable, and felt buzzed about it. When I performed the song, instead of thinking about the song and singing it, I sang it very truthfully from my heart. I think I just sang the emotions I felt without second thoughts.

5. How is your life recently? We’re very curious about your daily life.
I’m having a good time. 2012 was a very busy year for me. After I came back from the world tour, I participated in a drama and then a movie. In order to promote the movie, I stayed busy until winter, and then immediately threw myself into the work for this album. I was able to take a short break at the end of the year, I went to the elementary school I attended and visited where I lived during my childhood, and then travelled to Busan with friends. After work, I relax and recharge, and also travel – that’s how I usually spend my days. And thus, I think my preparation for the album went smoothly – instead of following direction and stay within boundaries, my thoughts became more unbounded and melodies appeared in my head. It’s also very nice towards acting.

6. Please tell us your plans for the future.
Unfortunately I can’t tell all the planned activities for the first half of the year – but for now, I first release the album, then the next step is to prepare for the special concerts. Recently I’ve been busy preparing for the performances, and it’s been a lot of fun. Every time we have a meeting, the staff and I always have new ideas, so we are enjoying ourselves. Part 1, 2 and 3 are completely different performances, so we are preparing them one by one. Because I really like enjoying sharing stories with fans and breathe together with them, I want to combine fan meeting and talks and the mini concert together. “Giving everyone everything I have”, it’s that kind of concert – and I was able to create a brand for the concert, so it’s very exciting. Please look forward to them, the concerts on the 26th and 27th at Kintex.

Songs that has stories with Jaejoong:
1. For you (Lim Jae Beom)
During the third part of the concert, I’ll perform a mini-concert including songs from the mini album. And this song is one of them, I found the lyrics to be very charming.

2. Gangnam Style (Psy)
PSY sungbaenim always have a lot of confidence and prides himself as a singer-songwriter. This song, from a certain level, could be called as PSY’s Gangnam Style. I was writing music one day and ended up creating a remix for this song because it holds a lot of exciting charms. No wonder they say that music crosses over language’s limitations, people love it around the world.

3. Though I Loved You  (Kim Kwang Seok)
This performance’s title is “Your, My and Mine”. Because it is a performance that I hold with fans, so along with the title, we conduct the activity. I decided to perform songs that were directly selected by fans, and this song was one of them. It’s very charming because of its sincere lyrics.

4. Grasshopper’s World  (Infinite Challenge’s Park Myung Soo)
I think Jae Suk hyung is very charming, and all of his on-stage performances are stunning. This time JYJ’s dancers and Yoo Jae Suk sunbaenim performed ‘Grasshopper’s World’ together, the lyrics and melody are both very special. The performance on stage was also very shocking, and the clothes were quite handsome. When I used to attend Happy Together, hyung once told me “Jaejoong-ah, your variety-show (entertainment) sense has been certified by me”. He is a sunbae who instigated my dream for being an entertainer and made me very thankful. I’ll illustrate my variety-show sense during this concert perfectly!

5. Memories of the Wind (Naul)
This is a song that I’ve listened to a lot recently. The melody and lyrics, as well as NAUL sunbaenim’s voice are all very nice. It is a song overflowing with charm. Please try listening to it when you are alone too ^^

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Source: Cyworld Music via Baidu
Translated by: G.fanns of JYJ3
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