Sunday, 16 December 2012

[RANKING] Kim Jaejoong chosen as “The genuine good looking guy of ancient Korea” by Japanese Magazine

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01 The genuine good looking guy of ancient Korea is me!

The stills of JYJ’s Jaejoong who tried acting in a period drama for the first time has been revealed.
He excels at his first attempt at a period drama, where he played the role of a police officer, Ki KyungTak who is good at martial arts and has a strong desire for victory, but behind those personalities, he holds the pain that no one could understand.
From that layer, he was said to readily bare a passionate acting and the interest of fans from within Korea and internationally heightened. To make sure that he could grasp the way of talking and actions of ancient times, Jaejoong devoted a lot of time practicing enthusiastically, and of course, he had also worked hard learning how to ride a horse.

Credit: Jeroica via JJ DC Gall
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
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