Friday, 2 November 2012

[PICS/SONG] Till The Sun Rises

This is supposed to be the happiest day of Jaeharem ...instead it is the gloomiest and the saddest ( I don't know whether there is such word) moment in our life especially mine.

I am so happy last night when I received the news that Jae will be singing 3 songs for Jackal OST ... it's kind of like his mini solo album. Suddenly the BAD news come ...Jae LEAVE TWITTERLAND. My heart stop beating for a moment. I could not believe my eyes. Someone is playing a joke on us but then the painful truth is revealed. I'm speechless ...with tears flowing down my cheek nonstop ... it feels so bad. Like my heart will explode. I feel like I lost him forever ..the only communication that I  have is TAKEN AWAY from me. What am I supposed to do .... how do I say 'Good morning gorgeous, Nite nite my angel, I miss you' ... now it's all gone.

Will you come back to TL Jae when everything back to normal (though normal is not in your vocab)? But I really hope and wish you do.

In the meantime this song that you sing will give me a little comfort until I can dealt or accept your decision. Love your voice so much ....but my tears still won't stop from flowing. I'm going to miss you like crazy .......


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