Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Birthday - A year older but so much younger at heart

Guess ... how old am I today. Believe it or not ...I am 48 years old now.  A year older than last year. But why do I feel so much younger than last year. Let me tell you my secret ... the remedy is JAEJOONG. Since I known him October 2011 ... my heart always tells me its OK to fangirling him as love knows no boundaries. And of coz this crazy admiration and obsession makes me feel like I'm still a teenager. I am so lucky coz hubby and family understand my craziness and I even have one of my daughters as my alliance. 

And because of Jaejoong, I have so many wonderful friends, sisters, *nieces* and *daughters* all over the world. I even had cyber birthday celebration with them and it is so much fun.

I would like to treasure all the birthday wishes and gifts from these wonderful and lovely friends, sisters, *nieces* and *daughters*. THANK YOU ...LOVE YOU ALL 


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