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[PICS/INFO] 121008 Official Poster + Synopsis for ‘Code Name: Jackal’

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Synopsis from Lotte Booklet

The cops, is on a stakeout at Paradise Hotel in Seong-ju where the serial killer “Jackal” is said to appear. K-pop star Choi Hyun is staying there at the same time, where he is ambushed by a mysterious hit man, Min-jung. Min-jung is an off-the-wall hit man hired to kill Hyun by driving him crazy, but she realizes that Hyun is her favorite star, and Hyun realizes that Min-jung’s client is his ex-girlfriend. Angela comes into the room for an appointment with Hyun, her boy toy, but is unintentionally stabbed to death by Min-jung. Curious chemistry develops between Min-jung and Hyun, and Hyun decides to help her.
Jaejoong (Hyun)
Jaejoong is a member of JYJ, the world-renowned K-pop band. He recently starred in a MBC TV series Dr. Jin (2012) and showed his talent as an up-and-coming actor. In Code Name: Jackal, Jae-joong plays Hyun, a top Korean singer and actor who wants to be perfect before the public and has a very meticulous personality. While shooting a film in a the country, Hyun faces death-threats by a mysterious[ends here]

Song Ji-hyo (Min Jung)
Song Ji-hyo is best known for her appearances at a SBS reality show Running Man. Her previous filmography includes A Frozen Flower(2008) and Last Blossom (2010) In Code Name: Jackal, Song Ji-hyo plays Min-jung, a cold-blooded killer who spent a very unfortunate childhood. When her broker dies from cancer, Min-jung decides to quit for good and goes on her final job.

Oh Dal-su (Chief MA)
Oh Dal-su is one of the prolific actors in Korean film industry. He recently starred in the Korean box office hit Thieves (2012) as one of the gang members Andrew. In Code Name: Jackal, Oh Dal-su plays MA the cheif of the violent crimes section at Seong-ju Police in the country. MA is sly and likes to make dirty jokes, but he takes instinctive actions to find leads.

Asian Film Market booth for LOTTE’s ‘Code Name: Jackal’ at BIFF

Banner and movie poster found in the Asian Film Market

Credit: 126×204 + jyj4649 + Maijung63
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