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[INFO/PICS] 121010 Kim Jaejoong’s Coffee Shop named “Coffee Cojjee” Disclosed

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Note: Along with Coffe Cojjee, Jaejoong also owned Bum’s Story Resturant Link
Kim Jaejoong is going to open a Coffee Shop named “Coffee Cojjee”
“The picture uploader said his friend is a barista in it, so he visited here. As you see the picture, the coffee shop logo is a J-shaped coffee cup, there are two j’s in the coffee shop name “coffee cojjee” and the telephone number ends with ’0126′ which is Jaejoong’s birthday. So…I think we can believe this info?!” (Cr: @126×204)

 “Coffee Cojjee” is located in CheongDam-Dong, SeoulNote: 
- Cheongdam-dong is where the major entertainment companies are located: Cube, JYP, and SM (Cr: ohmyjunsu)
- Coffee Cojjee xD And Cheongdam-dong is a ward of Gangnam in Seoul. It is referred to as “Fashion and Art Street” of Gangnam (Cr: The_little_pear)

Kpopstarz Interview was taken at Jaejoong’s Coffee Cojjee (Cr: jejesayo)

Coffee Cojjee sleeves (Cr: jejesayo, mayfly30)

Are you guys ready??

Credit: @hissinger via @126×204 + @jejesayo, @mayfly30 + @alpexam + 火柴wing + JJ DC Gall
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