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[TRANS] 120920 Turns crisis into opportunity! Psy, JYJ, Tablo

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“During crisis there is an opportunity for breakthrough” It might be cliche but everyone experienced, at least once, the fierce reality of life. Nowadays, the music industry especially, it’s an era of stars turning crisis into opportunity.


JYJ who left TVXQ in July 2009, experienced twists and turns, ups and downs, the moment they came out of their former agency SM Entertainment. Because of legal disputes, it was hard for them to appear on stage. There was no song to sing on stage as well. Due to copyright laws, most songs are registered under TVXQ. Still, they held out and in fact filled 80% of their first studio album, that was unveiled for the first time in Korea, with their self-produced songs.
Fans’ reaction was good. For the first time, there was an idol group album almost filled with self-composed songs. It had a higher degree of musical perfection and maturity. JYJ has gone beyond idol status, became singer-songwriters and has now evolved into a group of artists.
JYJ was forced to actively embark on overseas tour instead of domestic stage. JYJ’s last performance in Peru last March was held approximately one year since the world tour has started. The whole world was captivated beyond Asia to Europe and South America. Junsu’s solo worldwide concert tour has mobilized tens of thousands of local spectators.
JYJ has turned to drama and musical fronts to get a foothold in popularity. They have been recognized as actors thru Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Junsu’s musicals Mozart and Tears of Heaven. Jaejoong’s acting in Dr Jin has been noticed and his movie Jackal is set to be released in November. JYJ, who are Hallyu actors and singers as well, has been voted to be the most influential Kpop stars in 2012 in the site all kpop.
JYJ has tasted the bitterness of life but has once again stood on top and has become more mature. They endured malicious rumors and sasaeng fans assaults. They don’t give up and always reassure fans while dealing with crisis.
Note: I omitted Psy and Tablo’s parts.
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