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[TRANS] 120903 Movieweek Magazine N° 544 ~ Kim Jaejoong – The Joy of Seeing an Actor Gradually Evolve

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                      Kim Jaejoong – The Joy of Seeing an Actor Gradually Evolve

[Jackal is coming] (Working title, planned to be released in the latter half of the year)
[Dr. Jin] (MBC)
[Protect the Boss] (SBS, 2011)
It’s true that, in the beginning, it was not that easy to associate the modifier ‘Actor’ with the name Kim Jaejoong.
Vivid facial features, close-to-perfect artistic performances, ‘Hero Jaejoong’, just a few minutes on stage, has captivated the audience with his overwhelming charisma. But we can’t even know if we have mistaken this ‘Hero Jaejoong’ for all that Kim Jaejoong has. The mere fact of seeing Kim Jaejoong standing on his two feet in front of us, occupying the same space-time was itself somewhat incongruous (T/N: The writer means that seeing Kim Jaejoong in everyday settings is hard to believe). The harmony with other actors was also the same.
Could he be intermixed with the actors? Could he put down his original well-built image and wear the character’s clothes without reservation? Above all, the question was, “Where will Kim Jaejoong be willing to make his way to?” Sometimes, acting is to display own weakness for all to see. Sometimes, it requires a quite big determination to all of a sudden face another side of self which hasn’t been shown. These questions were dispelled at one stroke by the drama [Protect the Boss].
Wearing the clothes of the 2nd generation chaebol Cha Muwon, he was somehow stiff at first. Of course, one of the reasons was that Cha Muwon character itself was strained. However, after Cha Muwon fell in love, Kim Jaejoong’s face also began to loosen up. Actor Kim Jaejoong who has discharged his force was also attractive like ‘Hero Jaejoong’ on stage. The somewhat unstable vocalization and pronunciation at the beginning of the drama have gradually become steady. Most of all, he has shown his best to prove that he could make it as a rookie actor. Not long ago, even in fusion sageuk drama [Dr. Jin], no one can raise objection to the fact that he has truly achieved his part.
His path as an actor is quite different to the days where he was greeted with acclamation as a singer.
He’s showing moderate emotions instead of excessive ones. Up till now, the roles he took were always in the main cast, but it was close to ‘lead-role-level supporting roles’. Therefore, with these two dramas, there is still something not quite satisfied when we talk about his acting accomplishments. [Jackal is coming] (Working title) is a comedy movie where Kim Jaejoong comes out as the real top main cast.
His character is Choi Hyun who seems to be a perfectionist idol star but is actually a heodang (T/N: a clumsy and immature person or a person who can do nothing good in a particular field). The point that we can focus on in this movie is how Song Jihyo and Kim Jaejoong will act harmoniously together like a ‘Ping-Pong game’ in the scenes where things need to be disentangled. If he can unabashedly perform comedy acting, his magnetic field in acting will be once again fast extended.
Source: Movieweek Magazine
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