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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong MyDaily Interview (Part 2)

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Honestly I was prejudiced when it came to JYJ songs. I did not want to listen to them because I thought that they would sound similar to all other idol singers’. But the moment that I saw JYJ in concert I thought ‘My way of thinking was such a waste.’
They can create their own songs, and while singing and performing they manage to maintain a complete balance which is something incredibly difficult to maintain and amazing to watch. But I was dissapointed. Not at JYJ, but at the fact that more people could not see the talent of JYJ through broadcast shows.
Due to this, I had to ask Kim Jaejoong in the interview: “You have not appeared in music broadcasts for a long time unlike other singers?”
After a moment he briefly said “We have not come out”. After being asked again he answered “It’s not a matter of whether we want to or not.” 
Kim Jaejoong stated, “I want to go out [on broadcast]” and started telling stories “As you talk to the juniors, we (JYJ) seem like strange beings. We are the seniors that our juniors scarcily get to see. It is not easy to see us on air and, from our juniors’ perspective, that can seem weird. But they still find our music and even among themselves are able to suscessfully download our albums and listen to them”.

Though Kim Jaejoong cannot stand on stage during broadcasts he still watches the songs his juniors put out with great interest. “My manager is a big fan of Sistar and likes to listen to their songs a lot, so I listened to Sistar as well and found that the songs were good. Along with Sistar I also like to listen to the male group Beast. I heard their new song and also watched their Inkigayo stage.
Kim Jaejoong also does not negelct his songwriting. Jaejoong steadily keeps writing songs even while acting in dramas. In particular, the MBC drama “Dr. Jin” and the character Kim KyungTak served as great inspirations. “I created a lot of very brutal songs during this filming, so I deleted them. I came out with many sad, sad songs as well,” Kim Jaejoong said.
“All the tracks and songs for the next album should be ready during the first half of next year” Kim Jaejoong said. By this time, Jaejoong also hopes that the circumstances surrounding JYJ will be different and looks forward to that time. I also hope that we will be able to see the JYJ members on broadcast stations once again.

(The story of the man Kim Jaejoong and his secrets will be revealed in part 3)
SourceMy Daily
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