Friday, 24 August 2012

[PICS] Jaejoong Close Up - Intermodulation

This is so perfect ... love to kiss that LIPS are too gorgeous Jae

I love to watch you eventhough just side angle ...still mesmerized

Too bright ..but still so sexy

My rocky Jae .... 

The sexiness is still there ..even when you are a rocker 

My sleeping prince ...hush ..... sleep well baby

What are you looking at Jae .....You can't see me coz I'm just another invisible fan

Another side angle and sweet smile 

I love what I see here ...fine nose, pink LIPS, fine jawline , mole ... in fact everything

You are funny Jae

Hiaya!!!! .. so cute

And I love you too ...

Never tired seeing you like this Jae ....I'm melting

Ahhhh..that smile again ... you just make me the happiest person

I'm captivated by your smile

This is too sexy for me ....

So  well sculptured ....

Lovely sight ....

So adorable ...

Fine jawline and cute nose kekeke

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