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[PICS] Collage - Yoochun Asia Tour Fanmeeting Greetings for Shenzen

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[PICS] Mahalo Collage #2

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[TRANS] Compilation of Co-Stars Actors and Actresses’ Compliments to Kim Jaejoong

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We tried to compile all the good comments the actors and actresses had for Jae Joong. Jae Joong is a person who is very consistent, even his choice of words are consistent. Caring, hardworking, interesting, cute, straightforward, like to act like a spoiled kid, kind, talented, matured, humble, atmosphere creator, handsome.
- “The expression Jae  Joong oppa use in a sentence is very interesting. When I complain that I am tired, he will said things like “Keep moving, little thing” to motivate me.” (Heaven’s Postman, Han Hyo Joo)
- “Golden Retriever don’t give birth to a lot of puppies in a batch. He is just like the last puppy which often don’t get the milk of its mother, the one that you want to adore the most.” ( Hard to Say I Love You, Eita)
- “He is a very cute person if you get to know him. He will read through both Japanese and Korean scripts. He seriously memorize his lines. Jae Joong is a person who is extreme considerate and cares about all the people around him. At the same time, he is extremely observant.” (Hard to say I Love you, Juri Ueno)
-  “He has his fresh and nonsensical side. However, I feel that he is extremely hardworking a few times more than the rest of us. Moreover, he always look gentle and smile on the set. Jae Joong is hardworking but he also have a ‘spoiled kid’ side.”
( Hard to Say I Love You, Tetsuji Tamayama)
- “Jae Joong is a friend who enable me to throw away my preconceived opinions of an idol. Because nowadays korean idol are like the leaders of k-wave, I only get to understand those who are really talented and hardworking ones through Jae Joong. Jae Joong takes a step forward to becoming an actor, and it seems like this step is well taken. I’m grateful for his hardwork during fliming, because of his seriousness, it changed the atmosphere of the set. This made me and all the rest of the seniors and acting crew to work hard and tried to help Jae Joong to adapt to acting. This is a really beautiful thing.” (Protect the boss, Ji Sung)
- “Jae Joong’s decisiveness is not something that he act out. He is really good at taking care of people and he will take care of the staff. I think he is very generous.”
(Protect the boss, Wang Ji Hye)
- “There are those who can do a good job in acting no matter whether is it their 1st time or not, there are also people who don’t perform well even when they have acted for a long time. But for his first time, at least he is doing better than what i did last time. Jae Joong is cheerful and mischievous.” (Protect the boss, Lee Hee Won [as Secretary Yang])
- “Jae Joong is like a child, he is like a washed shirt that will stick to you and feels gentle. It seems like he have never encounter a bad person before, because he gave me a feeling of he is undamaged and complete. He acts like a child naturally.”
A few days ago, I accidentally cut my when I was drinking. Ji Sung sent a message like ‘How’s your hand?’ to care about my hand. But for Jae Joong, it’s ‘Is Nuna’s hand still bleeding?’ (laughs). Jae Joong is like a pet, very gentle and cute. He is gentle to everyone, people can’t help but like him. He is good and serious about acting and he did it naturally. His character is like angel. And yes, sometimes he act like a spoiled child.”
“The first time when I received the script, after looking through, I think the role Cha Mu Won is the hardest to act. I feel that even I will have difficulty in this role moreover a new actor. However, everything went on very smoothly and I was shocked. Jae Joong has the ability to understand emotions.”
“Jae Joong wasn’t nervous during the set. It was really shocking for a newcomer to have this kind of acting skills.”
“So the response from many unnie reporters were like, ‘Just like his singing, the ability for him to act in as if it is in his blood’. You know during school times, there were those excellent students who were good at both playing and academics? Jae Joong is like that, who do not need guidance and can do well naturally.” (Protect the boss, Choi Kang Hee)
- “Jae Joong is a friend who is a great singer and at the same time, has a dream of being a great actor. He is very talented. We have became closer because of this drama.” (Dr Jin, Song Seung Heon)
- “He sincerely wants to express the scenes that he is given. To concentrate on reaching his goal, he watches the actor’s acting and reacts to it. I think this is how actors learn from each other. I want to give Kim Jaejoong a high score in acting.”
“When Kim Jaejoong-ssi acts, it’s nice to see how he ‘feels’. He acts with his sincere feelings. He tries hard to convey [the character’s feelings] and focus on it.”  “It is good to see him concentrating and working hard to convey the feelings. I look forward to the scenes we have together.”
I think Jae Joong is a great actor, He is humble and sincere. I want to give a round of applause to him for not complaining during filming.” (Dr Jin, Lee Beom Soo)
- “There were also many fans who came to the set, so I felt his immense popularity. After working together with him, I came to know why he receives so much love.”
“When I stood at the side to observe his acting, the look of his eyes was very good. It was strong and yet melancholic. It made me feel very sorry for his character.” She regarded the look of his eyes as his most attractive asset.
“One will know why he is so popular when one works with him. He has a cute side, a interesting, a kind and a humble side. Feel that he is a nice person, no wonder he is so popular. He is also an atmosphere creator. With him, the set is always high.”  (Dr Jin, Lee So Yeon)
- “Well and truly, an actor must be able to act. In the work flow, there are several scenes which are like a big mountain. If you want to be loved by the viewers, you must overcome that big mountain. As for that, Jaejoong did very well. Jaejoong has well expressed when the acting skill was really needed and when something was needed so be showed.”
“Jae Joong is very calm and not panicky. Once he has an idea, he will follow it. He still remain calm despite having to act with all the more experienced actors and he is opposing me in the drama. He said that he want to do a good job in acting and he stayed calm till the very end.”
“He is a poised child, why wouldn’t he be anxious about taking on as actor when he is used to singing? The fact that he remain his composure shocked me.”
“Jae Joong might not notice, but whenever I was at the set, I can see him. He is always sedate no matter what, he never gossip or fool around during filming, especially in front of the elders and his peers. He could still calmly flimed when 1500 fans were there on the set, he was not distracted by the fans.” (Dr Jin, Kim Eung Soo)
Credit: JJ DC Gall via joongyi
Translated by: Kareenchan of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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