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[NEWS] JYJ Moves 22,000 Fans’ Hearts With Fan-Exhibition Without Commercial Profit

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                    JYJ moves 22,000 fans’ hearts with fan- exhibition without commercial profit                                                                       July 02, 2012 
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Hallyu[Korean Wave] group JYJ impressed 22,000 fans in Korea and Japan with non-conventional fan service, ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’, at SETEC[Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention centre] in Daechi, Seoul for 4 days from June 28.
JYJ, who achieved World Tour in 15 countries including the U.S.A. and Europe from April 2011, planned the exhibition event in the manner of fan-service. The number of 7,024 fans among 40,000 membership fans in Japan entred Korea for the event set a record for the biggest number of foreigners entering Korea for a single event. 15,000 domestic fans also visited the venue and spent a meaningful day by watching, listening JYJ and making happy memories.
C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, prepared a wide range of exhibition and display such as paintings, pictures, holograms, trick-arts, JYJ’s concerts videos, documentary movie and photo walls with high technology so that fans could be satisfied.
Also the members of JYJ held fan-meeting events with 7,000 fans of Korean and Japanese on June 30 and July 1 each and became closer to the fans. They had Quiz-time with their managers, worn the colourful tracksuits which were on the <Rooftop Prince> as a losing penalty of quiz games and carried out fans’ wishes on whish-tress[board with fans’ wishes for JYJ].
The performance was also great. Junsu Kim showed ‘Tarantallegra’, the title song of his solo album, Jaejoong Kim sang ‘Living but like dreaming’, the OST of MBC <Dr.Jin> and Yuchun sang ‘Empty place for you’, the OST of <Miss Ripley>. The three members also heated the stage with ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘In Heaven’.
The exhibition was meaningful enough to set a record that 7,024 Japanese people entred the country only for this single event, but more noticeable fact was that it was ‘hallyu service without sales gimmick’. The management company refused all [promotional] suggestion for sponsorship from many companies and allocated 3.7 billion KRW of budget so that the exhibition event could be purely for fans. There was absolutely nothing commercial except the booth to give [free] entrance tickets, water and fans [to wave in hot weather].

There was no vehicle or booth to sell coffee, no single thing to sell MD goods which are also so typical when there is an event that a celebrity attends.

It was highly in contrast to other K-POP events held by broadcasting companies in other countries since last year, as those events were criticised because of their sales gimmick, by holding events so competitively and selling all kinds of MD goods indiscriminately.
“This is the event that we cannot find in Japan. It was so touching because I felt there was so much effort put in the event” said Kimie Utaka (a Japanese fan). “I was surprised because actually everything was free and felt like I received a great present. I think I will love JYJ for the rest of my life” commented Eri Miyakawa.
Tourism industry estimated that this membership week would bring economic effect that is worth of 10 billion KRW. Maybe Japanese fans would be touched more deeply and broadly than we think. The event was something that showed the power of fan service containing the long and broad sights.
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