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[FANACCOUNT] Compilation of Tweets for “Dr. Jin” Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting: Filming Location Tour

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  • Jaejoong just came to the set. He was having his make-up on just now.
  • He greeted the fans in Japanese and said that the scene will be a short scene. So the scene was btw KT and YR.
  • A total of 1300 fans. The fans were reminded to be silence but after a scene the fans were whispering loudly and Jaejoong laughingly said “Shi!”. When filming they were all in silence again then a staff loudly sneeze causing the fans and Jaejoong to laugh.
  • The next scene is KT-YHwi scene. After each take the fans will clap so after a take Young Hwi got embarrassed. JJ looked over to the fans and asked “Why do you clapped?”. His line is long and he messed up while saying it so they are re-taking the scene.
  • In the middle of waiting YHwi slashed JJ from behind and JJ turned around and accepted the challenge~
  • JJ got an OK and he along with the fans clapped together. JJ and YoungHwi are talking really close to each other.
  • JJ: If this scene isn’t finished..we can’t go to the fanmeeting…so please go back quickly!
  • At the last greeting, fans called out ‘Jaejoong’ and a guy shouted ‘Jaejoong!’ Hearing that, JJ got really happy and cover his mouth laughing.
  • While it was silent, a staff sneezed and everyone, including Jaejung, laughed. (Source: jeje_reico)
  • Jaejung said, “Why are you guys clapping?” (Source: ryoJJ)
  • Jaejung’s belt makes his waist look really thin.  (Source: shachong)
  • Jaejung had an NG while saying his lines.  (Source: shachong)
  • JJ’s lines are quite long~  (Source: shachong)
  • Jaejung looks well. When the fans were cheering at the beginning, he shyly hid behind his script book.
  • JJ’s way of wiping his sweat. He dabbed around his nose to not ruin his makeup.  (Source: shachong)
  • While waiting, Jin Yi Han pretending to “slash” Jaejung from the back. Jaejung turned around and “dueled” with him. XD  (Source: shachong)
  • While his hat was being fixed, JJ sat on the railings and said “I’m sleeping.”  (Source: shachong)
  • Jae would sometimes speak Japanese. When a coordi was touching up for him, he used Japanese and said “It’s so hot!”  (Source: ryoJJ)
  • Kyungtak’s brother took a mini electric fan and faced it towards Jaejung. He moved the fan really really close to Jaejung’s nose and Jae was stunned for a moment, but laughed after.  (Source: ryoJJ)
  • Even though there were talks of him being injured, he looks fine ^^ RT  (Source: shachong)
  • After the “OK”, people clapped again. Towards the end, JJ clapped a little near his stomach (Source: ryoJJ)
  • The last greeting~ (Source: tiamo_hy)
  • Kyung Tak’s brother did a “Sarang haeyo” pose over his head. Cute~(Source: jeje_reico)
  • Fans didn’t want to leave, so JJ said “If this filming doesn’t end, we can’t go for the fan meeting. See you later~”(Source: jeje_reico)
  • I have never seen Jaejung so shy until now. Young Hwi (fans call him eye-brow brother XD) was also really cute. Tak-Hwi was the best! It would be good if he could visit the Fan meeting as a guest~ (Source: shachong)
  • JJ made a mistake in the dialogue. Fans were like it’s ok. /cue JJ shy laugh
  • Jfans are very nice. Even though it’s super hot, they didn’t use umbrella because the others might not be able to see JJ. ^^
  • Jfan: it’s nice to see JJ’s cute smiling face yo~
  • Lol. Older brother slashed JJ from behind during their break. JJ turned around and fought back. /cheers from Jfans lol!
  • The older brother looked surprised at the amount of fans on the set. “Ahh. It’s Jejung power.”
  • A mini fan was raised towards JJ and it’s nearing his face. JJ froze for a second then laughed. Lol!
  • Jfan: Jaejoong’s voice is so good!
  • For every scene that ends, jfans clapped. For this scene, JJ joined them in clapping lol.
  • Aww. When the director gives instructions, JJ slightly pouts (due to concentration) then full blown pout. Fans go kyaaaa❤silently. Lmao
  • JJ: need to finish this shoot or I can’t go to fanmeet! Pls come back soon! Lol.
  • What JJ said was effective, the fans began to prepare to leave before he can say I’ll see you later! Lol!
  • JJ watched the fans leave the set. Fans are shouting to JJ. JJ: “what? Can’t hear you! Ah! 7 pm? I’ll see you later!” then he smiled!
  • There are some guy fans on the set and they shouted Jejung~~~ you’re great!!!
  • Jfans said they don’t see him limping or anything. He looks well except maybe a bit tired.
  • Photos are not allowed during takes. But JJ made sure he faces the fans as much as possible during breaks. ❤
  • JFan: very impressed with JJ. I saw him up close for the first time. Expressive eyes, broad shoulder, sexy voice, so cool.
  • JFan: he showed his tongue and licked his lips. Think I might faint… And not because of the weather!
  • Jfan: I learned today “What is a sword’s use for JJ?” Walking stick if you are on a break. Support to stand up when you’re sitting down.Lol
  • Jfan: During breaks, JJ talks to fans, plays swords or mini fan (lol) with Yonghui. He was having so much fun.
  • When he said goodbye, JJ waved both his hands and swayed his body (like a body wave). So cute!
  • JJ was surprised to hear that the fans got up so early (6 am) just to see him filming for 1 hour. JJ, you’re still surprised? ^^;;
                                         LOL Someone Kidnapped Jaejoong xD

Translation Credit: @hellyryther and @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3, @_alovelikewar, 
Pic Credit: jeje_reico, aakojj
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