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[PICS] Jae Ayyy Girl Making MV Collection

[NEWS] 120731 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is ‘Spider Tak’

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With the blistering heat melting away everything in sight, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong managed to find some shade to hide from the sun and decided to have a little fun with it.
On July 31, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Spider Tak.”
The picture attached showed Kim Jae Joong, dressed up in his character costume, crouching below a building with his arm sprawled like Spiderman’s signature move.

Kim Jae Joong is currently acting as Kim Kyung Tak in MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin.
While the picture was funny, a fan comment proved to be funnier, saying, “You’re not wearing tights, and therefore, this picture is invalid.”
Photo Credit: Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter
Credit: enewsworld
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If Spider Tak wearing tights … victim will voluntary crawl into his spider web …

[NEWS] 120729 Kim Jaejoong, the reason why he receives more love than the Drama main lead

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Once again, Kim Jaejoong is receiving tremendous love from the viewers for his drama couple.
In MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin, Kim Jaejoong is paired up with an actor, instead of an actress. The drama shows the close friendship between Hong YoungHwi (Jin Yi Han) and Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong).
In the 19th episode, Kim KyungTak was obliged to deceive his best friend, YoungHwi for the sake of his father, Kim ByungHee (Kim EungSoo). KyungTak found out from YoungHwi that his own father would benefit from Lee Ha Eung (Lee BumSoo)’s document. He went to look for it and was successful. However, the situation caused YoungHwi to become suspicious of KyungTak and he sensed that KyungTak was a double agent.
YoungHwi wanted KyungTak to say that he was not an agent, but KyungTak said while concealing his sadness, “Now, I realized the worlds that each of us want to protect are different.” However, YoungHwi wanted to believe that KyungTak till the end and he painfully said thank you to KyungTak when KyungTak said that it was a lie.
The viewers are more interested in KyungTak and YoungHwi than any other male-female couple. They are supporting KyungTak and YoungHwi’s friendship by saying that the “TakHwi couple” is like a compound. The netizens felt more affection towards the “TakHwi couple” than Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hyun) and YoungRae (Park Min Young).
Actually, Kim Jaejoong’s couple pairing in Dr Jin is not the first time that a drama couple involving him became a sensation. In last year’s SBS drama Protect the Boss, he played the role of director, Cha Muwon who was interested in Choi Kanghee, but failed in gaining her love. However, he became a couple with Seo Nayoon (Wang JiHye) with the viewers’ enthusiastic support.
Cha Muwon and Seo Nayoon were named the “Namu couple”. Although they only became a couple in the latter half of the drama, they received more love than the Jisung-Choi Kanghee couple.
To this, a representative of the drama said, “The co-actors/actresses who were paired with Kim Jaejoong became increasingly popular as the drama progressed. I think it has to do with Kim Jaejoong’s charisma that attracts viewers. They like charismatic, three-dimensional characters more than characters that are simply good or evil.”
Source: Nate
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[HD CAPS] “Dr. Jin” Episode 20

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[MYFANART] Still In Love

[PICS/HUMOR] Jae and the Unicorn

[NEWS] 120729 JYJ’s Solo Activities Also Thrive

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Kim Junsu’s Tarantallegra 1st in Peru
Kim Jaejoong’s 1st in Japanese drama DVD reservations
Explosive responses for Park Yoochun’s Asia fanmeeting
The members of group JYJ – Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu achieved first place in each of their own fields and are continuously thriving. JYJ released an album last year and finished a world tour this March even though they did not carry out any promotional activities. The members have been very active in their individual activities and their popularity hasn’t wane at all.
Kim Junsu (XIA)’s popularity in South America is extraordinary. His title song Tarantallegra beat Teen Top to emerge first on Peru’s weekly radio chart. Kim Junsu emerged first with 1,835 votes, ahead of other celebrities like Big Bang, Tokio Hotel, Justin Bieber and 2NE1 in a vote that consisted of 3,014 participants.
This is not the only sign of Peru’s ‘Junsu’s disease. After the confirmation announcement on the cities for Kim Junsu’s world tour, ‘PERUlovesXIA’, ‘PERUdeservesXIATOUR’ and other related words became the most searched words in real time on social networking sites. A representative from South America said, “After Mexico, Chile and Brazil’s concerts are confirmed, fans from Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina were greatly disappointed.”

Kim Jaejoong’s drama Protect the Boss is receiving explosive popularity in Japan while reservations for Kim Jaejoong Special Making DVD emerged first on HMV, Amazon and Rakuten’s charts in just one day. The DVD is scheduled for release this November.
A representative said, “The broadcasting of Protect the Boss on TBS happened to occur during the special summer holidays in Japan, so it received tremendous popularity.” 1,500 female fans flew to South Korea to attend Kim Jaejoong’s Dr Jin fanmeeting on Jul. 22. The fans were even eager to find the restaurant that Kim Jaejoong frequently patronizes.

Park Yoochun is going on an Asia fanmeeting tour for his drama. From Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010 to Rooftop Prince, the dramas that Park Yoochun acted in have received tremendous popularity in Asia. The fanmeeting tour will begin in Shanghai, China on Aug. 25 and then to other countries like Taiwan and Thailand.
A representative from C-JeS Entertainment said, “Depending on the situation, it is also highly possible that we may include 1 or 2 more countries [in the tour].” Park Yoochun also emerged first in Taiwanese mass media “Yes celebrities” and “Le Le Xiao Huang” in a “The best male lead” survey for viewers. He received 15,000 votes (71%) out of 22,000 votes. Dr Jin’s Song Seung Hyun came in second with 11.3% and Phantom’s So Ji Sub was third with 8.3%.

Source: The Daily Focus
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[TWEET] Jae Tweet 28/07/2012

Jae is so adorably cute. Yoochun laughing to light up the mood. And Junsu  why are so serious. I love my dorky men.

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[NEWS] 120728 JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong crouching down to shoot a pictorial

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong revealed a picture of himself shooting a pictorial.
On the afternoon of July 28, Kim uploaded a picture with the caption, “Why, only me…?”
The picture shows the pictorial shoot of JYJ members where they are all posing wearing cute animal headbands. Among them, Kim looks funny because he is sitting on a small sheep figure unlike other two members.
Netizens commented: “He looks pitiful.” “He’s so cute.” “What concept is that?”
Currently, Kim is playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who works at the police bureau, on MBC’s Dr. Jin.
Credit: Starnews via En.korea
[NEWS] 120728 Kim Jaejoong asks, “Why only me?”
JYJ member Kim Jaejoong reveald a photo taken during the shooting of a pictorial.
Kim Jaejoong tweeted on the 28th, “Why only me..”, and he attached the photo above.
The photo revealed shows all three members of JYJ wearing animal ear headbands as they pose for a shot.Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun are sitting comfortably on lifesize animal shaped benches, but Kim Jaejoong is making a sad face sitting on a tiny doll. Park Yoochun relays the mood on the set with a big smile on his face.
Netizens commented on Kim Jaejoong’s tweet, “Oh no he looks so sad”, “So crazy cute”, “A concept shot?”, “Kim Junsu’s serious and Park Yoochun’s having a ball”, “Don’t be so mean, give Jaejoong oppa a proper seat too!”, and so on.
Source: Star News via NateCredit: Kpopfever
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