Wednesday, 13 June 2012


CREATED: MARCH 3, 2009 (Copyrighted 2009 by RAJ)

He was a star I always dream
I see his face in my dream
He was everything I desire
He put my heart on fire

I see him every day
But he never looks my way
He just passes by along my way
He never notices me, he just walks away…

My heart filled with hope
That someday he will give me hope
Because my heart beats for him
I only want to love him… 

He is everything I need
His love is all I need…

Day passing so fast
And still my heart beat so fast
Loving him I only get pain
My life will be in vain
But my heart filled with love
Hoping that he will give his love

He is everybody wishes
I’m just the one that makes wishes
For everyone he is a star
For him I’m not his star

Maybe I am confused
My mind refused
I don’t know at all
I just want to give my all

Every night I think of him
Wishing that I can have him
Ever night to God I pray
That someday he will look my way

I only have simple wish
To love by him that is my wish
How can he love me?
If he doesn’t notice me?
How my wish will come true
That he will see my love is true

I will wait for my chance
Until he will give his glance
Finally my chance has come
The moment I waited finally has come

When I take a look
There he was giving his look
Suddenly my heart beats again
Beat so fast over and over again
I feel my world suddenly stop
When he walks in my way and stop
I can’t believe what my eyes see
In front of me; he is all I can see

To my surprised he kissed me
All I can feel is his lip kissing me
I close my eyes and feel his kiss
I can’t get enough the tender of his kiss
When the kiss is over
I feel my life change forever
He smile and say “I love you”
“I want to give my love only for you”
I can’t believe what I hear
His voice is like a melody to my ear
“I’m star that everybody wishes”
“I know I’m your wishes”
“I’m not here to make your dream come true”
“I’m here to give my love so true”
“Along the crowd, I noticed you”
“I always look at you”
“You thought I was passing your way”
“That I never look on your way”
“But you never caught me looking at you”
“That I was there just looking at you”

My mind is blanked and I’m speechless
This star makes me breathless
Now that my dream is came true
That I have his love so true
To him everything I surrender
I want to love him forever
I know he will be only mine
His love will be mine
I want to love him for all time
And share our love for the rest of time…

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