Monday, 25 June 2012

[PIC/HUMOR] DJWs Pick Up Line - #3

Venue: Jae’s veranda
DJW1: Are you a magnet Jae?
Jae     : Me? why?
DJW1: (looks into Jae’s tattoo in the breast) coz i’m attracted to you!
Jae     : hahaha, (covers his chest)

DJW2: Jae, you better have a license
Jae    : why?
DJW2: coz you’re driving me crazy!
Jae    : oh my! Jiji where are you, get out from your hiding place kitty,
             I’m having so much fun here (laughing)

DJW3: Jae, can you please empty your pockets? (looks into Jae’s zipped pants)
Jae    : uhhhuh, why? (looks down at his pants)
DJW3: coz I, believe you have stolen my heart forever!
Jae    : Oh my God, so cheeesssssy, (covers his)
            (shouts in the verandah) Yoochun, Junsu, help me here buddies, I’m melting!
Jiji     : (frantically calls Chun and Junsu for help)
….to be continued with Chun and Junsu


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