Sunday, 13 May 2012

[TRANS] New Teaser Trailer of Dr. Jin (Ver.2) + Fanacount about Jaejoong on the set of Dr Jin

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Jaejoong is so adorable. People who live nearby the shooting scene must be very lucky because they got to watch him even though from a far. How I wish I could change place with them.

Ice cream Jae... that was very thoughtful of you. Cold ice cream in a very hot day. I remember the Intermodulation...watching you eating and licking the ice cream ..oh my gosh...No matter what you did look HOT Jae and you certainly make me feel HOT.

 I wonder Jae...did you still not used people looking or watching you. Or you just pretend to be shy coz you know that we love you so much when you did that. Hand covers your mouth or face when you feel embarrassed...and why do I find that so alluring.

I can't wait to see you riding a horse. In that traditional costume...I bet you look so stunningly handsome. Imagine me riding at the back..arm holding you tight...wishful thinking.

Jae..I know you will work hard for this drama and you will do great. Don't worry Jae..your drama will be a HIT...coz I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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