Wednesday, 9 May 2012

[PICS/FANART] 2012 Birthday/Anniversary Gift/Wish For My Sisters

Sis @lelymsriger  Birthday 8th May

Just look at him staring so lovingly. Never seen such beautiful face in my breathtaking..

What can I say.... this sexy bodyy belongs to the most gorgeous and beautiful face in Asia and maybe in the world..

Both pictures from above I used as an image for the mug that I gave to sis @lely as her birthday present.

A call from Jae on your birthday?...I think the world will gonna come to an end in no due time ...

Just imagine..Jae coming out from your birthday cake in a body suit...I'm gonna have heart attack...

Sis @maejae Birthday 10th May

Aren't you just melting if you received this birthday wish from Jae..

Special wish from Jaejoong ....Ohhh how we wish that would come true. You look so intense Jae. Is there something else you want to tell Mae...

Look at those LIPS inviting, full and luscious. Really want to know what it feels to be kissed with that LIPS. I never gonna wash my mouth again...GROSSSS!!!. I will kiss something and keep that thing in a air tight container ..PRICELESS!!!. 

sis @JYJ1214 Anniversary 8th May

Happy Anniversary Sis. I still don't know your real name. Though, I've known you for only 2 or 3 months ...but I  can feel the love coming from you. Pray that your marriage will last till the end and happiness be with you forever. 

Above are my current collection. Just started to collect JYJ stuff. My next target is Intermodulation photo book. Wonder whether my hubby will buy me that photo book for my anniversary wedding gift. Must wish real hard from now on. The mug in the picture is the present that I give to all my birthday girls. 

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