Saturday, 12 May 2012

[PICS] Jae In Dr Jin (Updated)

That fierce looking eyes...I'll take you in my dream Jae...
Jae don't need a gun to kill. Just look deeply with that eyes ....the heartbeat will stop. I don't see a killer eyes here..instead I saw a very loving eyes staring at me...
Lucky horse!!!! Do I want to be the horse..NO. But I want to be the girl who's riding at the back with you Jae.. are so handsomely stunning Jae!!!

With that kind of can kill so many Jaeharem..and if they still live insanity will take over their life...spare us Jae!!!

Shoot me Jae...its better this way than seeing you with another woman.

Having a break Jae...take good care of yourself Jae.

Credit: JJStar_ + TV Daily + Top Star News
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