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[NEWS] 120528 ‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, Warm Visual and Affectionate Acting Perfection

The most adorable commanding officer is taking a break

In the MBC weekend drama first aired on the 26th, ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong’s period drama transformation won enthusiastic responses from the viewers.

In ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who possesses firm beliefs and strong mindset, using his charismatic period accent. Just like how the director praised on the press conference, Kim Jaejoong showed multiple aspect of Kim Kyung Tak’s character well in episode 1 and 2, such as the strictness of a cold officer and the warmheartedness of a fiancee. He used his eyes filled with rich emotions and expressed the complicated thoughts of Kim Kyung Tak, which really completed the drama.

From Jaejoong’s command of “who are you” towards Jin Hyuk in episode one, to the tension between the two during the beheading scene in episode two, he perfectly digested the old Korean enunciation and accent, and successfully showcased his period drama acting abilities. Furthermore, the pain of a unrecognized son and the gentleness of a loving fiancee captivated the hearts of countless female audience.

After the airing, the enthusiasm towards Jaejoong’s period drama transformation and his new charismatic character was vivid in comments of the broadcast company’s site and various forums. Both “Kim Jaejoong” and “Kim Kyung Tak” were at the top of the searches at all the main search engines. Viewers commented, “Where can I find an affectionate man like Kim Kyung Tak?”, “Men who are very hardworking are very handsome!”, “I really felt the pain of an unrecognized son, who couldn’t even call ‘father’”.

The popularity overseas is already beyond anything normal. After the airing of the first two episodes, the twitter trend list of areas including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong all topped with #JJinDrjin, which proves that there were many fans who watched the drama steaming.
Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong’s participation in ‘Dr. Jin”s OST, “Living Like a Dream”, also created a huge discussion. As soon as the song was revealed last week, it was first place at Daum Music, Cy World, and after the airing of the episodes it became top search phrases at search engines such as melon, bugs, and ollehmusic.

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Blogger Note:
I so much want to write a good review for Jae acting in this drama,...but I don't know how. I'm so thrill that he choose this drama after PTB. In this drama..Jae really shows that he can be whatever the character want him to be and he carried the character so well...not 100% perfect coz we only see 2 episodes...but I'm sure his acting will improve in the next episode.

The thing that I like most where he can change his expression from a fierce commanding officer to a gentle softer look when facing his woman. The smile...how I wish he smile like that all the time.

So Jae...I know you can do this ...haters will always find faults but you can nail this one. FIGHTING!!!!

Some haters said that Jae s acting in Dr. Jin look like he having constipation ....and those ignorance fools don't know what acting is about...Jae facial expression when showing his fierceness as commanding officer surprise the watches...he carried his part very well. What can you say.. this is his first time in Seaguk drama..give him a chance. I'm sure he can do better. 

Those haters better find something else to do else or someone else that worth to condemn.

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