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[PIC/HUMOR] DJWs Join Jae For Bubble Bath

Jae can't have a peaceful bubble bath time when DJWs are around. You shouldn't invite them in the first place know how loony there not safe when DJWs are so near ...

Ohhhhh...he is sound asleep. Must be tired after that chaotic bath with DJWs. See...they (DJWs) they don't even let him sleep in peace...aigoo...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

[NEWS] 120528 ‘Dr. Jin’ Kim Jaejoong, Warm Visual and Affectionate Acting Perfection

The most adorable commanding officer is taking a break

In the MBC weekend drama first aired on the 26th, ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong’s period drama transformation won enthusiastic responses from the viewers.

In ‘Dr. Jin’, Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Kim Kyung Tak, who possesses firm beliefs and strong mindset, using his charismatic period accent. Just like how the director praised on the press conference, Kim Jaejoong showed multiple aspect of Kim Kyung Tak’s character well in episode 1 and 2, such as the strictness of a cold officer and the warmheartedness of a fiancee. He used his eyes filled with rich emotions and expressed the complicated thoughts of Kim Kyung Tak, which really completed the drama.

From Jaejoong’s command of “who are you” towards Jin Hyuk in episode one, to the tension between the two during the beheading scene in episode two, he perfectly digested the old Korean enunciation and accent, and successfully showcased his period drama acting abilities. Furthermore, the pain of a unrecognized son and the gentleness of a loving fiancee captivated the hearts of countless female audience.

After the airing, the enthusiasm towards Jaejoong’s period drama transformation and his new charismatic character was vivid in comments of the broadcast company’s site and various forums. Both “Kim Jaejoong” and “Kim Kyung Tak” were at the top of the searches at all the main search engines. Viewers commented, “Where can I find an affectionate man like Kim Kyung Tak?”, “Men who are very hardworking are very handsome!”, “I really felt the pain of an unrecognized son, who couldn’t even call ‘father’”.

The popularity overseas is already beyond anything normal. After the airing of the first two episodes, the twitter trend list of areas including Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong all topped with #JJinDrjin, which proves that there were many fans who watched the drama steaming.
Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong’s participation in ‘Dr. Jin”s OST, “Living Like a Dream”, also created a huge discussion. As soon as the song was revealed last week, it was first place at Daum Music, Cy World, and after the airing of the episodes it became top search phrases at search engines such as melon, bugs, and ollehmusic.

Source: TV Report
Korean to Chinese: @YOYO_0721 Weibo I Chinese to English g.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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Blogger Note:
I so much want to write a good review for Jae acting in this drama,...but I don't know how. I'm so thrill that he choose this drama after PTB. In this drama..Jae really shows that he can be whatever the character want him to be and he carried the character so well...not 100% perfect coz we only see 2 episodes...but I'm sure his acting will improve in the next episode.

The thing that I like most where he can change his expression from a fierce commanding officer to a gentle softer look when facing his woman. The I wish he smile like that all the time.

So Jae...I know you can do this ...haters will always find faults but you can nail this one. FIGHTING!!!!

Some haters said that Jae s acting in Dr. Jin look like he having constipation ....and those ignorance fools don't know what acting is about...Jae facial expression when showing his fierceness as commanding officer surprise the watches...he carried his part very well. What can you say.. this is his first time in Seaguk drama..give him a chance. I'm sure he can do better. 

Those haters better find something else to do else or someone else that worth to condemn.

Monday, 28 May 2012

[NEWS] 120528 Kim Jaejoong Praised for His First Sageuk Acting in ‘Dr. Jin’

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That fierce looking face...

The sweetest smile ever...

The shocking face when his dad killed the horse
The shock and disbelief expression. How could his dad killed that horse..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

[Lyrics + Eng Trans] Dr. Jin Ost “Living like a dream” – Kim Jae Joong

It's a very sad and emotional song...just by reading the translation it has make me cry ..I don't know what would happened when I listen to the whole song. Jae sadly sings this song with all his heart will make me cry a river.

I wish this is just another song...another great masterpiece coming from your imaginative mind Jae. I don't want you to feel hurt or be hurt by loving someone who does not love you back. It is impossible for someone like you...someone who is so loving ,caring, passionate, understanding and all the good things that only you have it...can be turned down for love.

I know how it feels to lost your love to someone else. It will tearing you apart ..and you feel like you want to die and disappear into oblivion.... Have you ever heard this song 'Knife' by Rockwell.

Credit to this video muzhmox9

 Be happy Jae because this won't happen to you. Just love life and embrace the love that come knocking at your heart. It will be sooner or later...we never know. I love you Jae...wish you all the happiness in this world.
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“Living like a dream” 
내가 기억해 너무 사랑했던 나의 여자라는 걸 기억해 너만큼은
I remember, the woman who I truly loved. I remember you.
시간이 지나도 너의 숨결이 남아
Even as time goes by, your scent lingers.
널 간직하고 마치 나의 품에 안겨있는 것처럼
It’s as if you are still with me in my embrace and I cherish you.
꿈일지도 몰라
This may be a dream,
너에게 줬던 얕은 상처가
The superficial wounds that I gave you,
내게 주는 깊은 벌일지도 몰라
Perhaps they are a deep punishment to me.
미안해서 한참을 울어요
Because I am sorry, I cried for a long time.
알 수 없는 곳에
At a place where I don’t know,
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
as if in a whole other world.
날 추억에 버렸나요
Did you throw me away from your memories?
옆에 있어도 넌 내게 없는 것처럼
Even though I am beside you, it’s as if I’m not there.
니가 없는 곳에 더는 머물러 있을 수 없어
I can no longer stay at a place where you are not there.
다른 사람마저 사랑하는 니가 미워질까
What if I hate the you who can love someone else?
한참을 울어요
I cried for a long time.
알 수 없는 곳에
At a place where I don’t know,
마치 또 다른 세상에 있어
As if in a whole other world,
다른 사랑을 하나요
Do you have another love?
내가 없어도 넌 행복해질 것처럼
Without me, it seems like you can be happy.
어떤 공간에 있더라도 내겐 너 하나죠
No matter what space we are in, to me, there is only one you,
모두 변해도
Even if everything has changed.
너에게 떠나
If I leave you.
나 네게 없어도
Even without me,
지금처럼 웃을 수 있나요
Can you smile just like now?
이대론 살아도 난 살아 있지 않는 것처럼
Like now, even though I am living, it’s as if I’m not alive.
알 수 없어
I cannot know
With you.

Tranlated by: @_alovelikewar

“Living like a dream” 
Composed by YIM DONGGYUN

I remember that you’re my woman who I really love..
I remember.. just you..
As time have passed, I treasure you because your breathing remains the same
It is as if you’re still in my arms
It might be a dream..
It might be the huge punishment that you gave me against slight hurt that I gave you..
I cry for a long time because I’m so sorry
As you’re in the unknown place like another world…
Do you leave me alone in the memories?
Although you have a place next to me, I haven’t you
I can’t stay the place anymore where you’re not
I cry for a long time because other person hates you who I love
As you’re in the unknown place like another world…
Do you love another person?
As if you’re happy even without me
To me, you’re the only one although I’m in another space…
even though everything is changed…
Even if I leave you….
Can you smile without me just like now?
As it is, even I’m alive as if I’m not alive
I don’t know.. you and…

내가 기억해 너무 사랑했던 나의 여자라는 걸
기억해 너만큼은 시간이 지나도 너의 숨결이 남아 널 간직하고
마치 나의 품에 안겨있는 것처럼
꿈일지도 몰라
너에게 줬던 얕은 상처가 내게 주는 깊은 벌일지도 몰라
미안해서 한참을 울어요
알 수 없는 곳에 마치 또 다른 세상에 있어…
날 추억에 버렸나요
옆에 있어도 넌 내게 없는 것처럼
니가 없는 곳에 더는 머물러 있을 수 없어
다른 사람마저 사랑하는 니가 미워질까 한참을 울어요
알 수 없는 곳에 마치 또 다른 세상에 있어…
다른 사랑을 하나요
내가 없어도 넌 행복해질 것처럼
어떤 공간에 있더라도 내겐 너 하나죠
모두 변해도
너에게 떠나
나 네게 없어도 지금처럼 웃을 수 있나요
이대론 살아도 난 살아 있지 않는 것처럼
알 수 없어 너와

It’s too poetic..ㅠㅠ
It’s really hard to translate as much as the musical numbers in Junsu’s musical..
So it’ll be able to be different.. and you can also feel it’s a little bit weird..
Just refer to it..^^;;

 Tranlated by: @theyoungestmin
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['PICS] Jaejoong Leaving Taiwan

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

[PICS] Jae Airport Fashion Depart for Taiwan FM

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[PICS] Kim Jae Joong Dr. Jin Press Conference 17th May 2012

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[MyVideo] Words Don't Come Easy

I'm not good in expressing myself ...not good in words and my English just as bad. But since I love Jae so much ...I want the world to I use songs and pics to express my feeling.
Dedicated this song to my JYJ3 family and my lovely sisters from DJWs.

"Words Don't Come Easy" from Modern Talking


I love JYJ and of course I love Jaejoong more coz I know him (from Protect The Boss) before I meet Junsu and Yoochun.

 What would you say/do if you meet Jaejoong in person....

Mine will be
#3 before he runs away..then
#2 if he still there..then
#1 feel so ashamed for kissing him like crazy …and lastly
#4 this one I will avoid
coz I wanna do #3 #2 #1 again ….

[NEWS] 120521 JYJ’s Jaejoong to write and sing a new OST for ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

May 20, 2012 · JYJ3 Team

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has penned lyrics for a new OST of his MBC drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘. 

 On May 21st, producers revealed, “Kim Jaejoong penned the lyrics for the OST song ‘Living Like a Dream‘ in addition to singing the song.” “Living Like a Dream” will be used as the official theme song in expressing the painful love ‘Yoo Mi Na’ has for ‘Jin Hyuk’. The representative continued, “The staff were thoroughly surprised and satisfied with the level of perfection Jaejoong’s outstanding vocals and emotions gave to the song. As he wrote the lyrics himself, the song will allow his abilities as an artist to shine one step further, as well as delivering the love story between the two characters in the drama itself.” Stay tuned for the song’s release on the morning of May 25th! 

Source + Photos: The Star via Naver 
Credit: Allkpop 
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[NEWS] 120521 Kim Jae Joong to Sing Self-Written Song for ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ OST 

Kim Jae Joong will not only be acting for his first historic drama but will be singing for the drama’s OST as well! The JYJ member will be singing for the OST of the MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin, which stars Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young and himself. Kim Jae Joong’s song is titled, Even When Living, Living Like a Dream. The song is a passionate love song from the perspective of Yoo Mi Na (played by Park Min Young) and her feelings for Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun). Kim Jae Joong’s smooth vocals enhances the poignant lyrics which Kim Jae Joong wrote while himself, while the song was composed by famous OST song hit maker, Lim Dong Kyoon. A source close to the drama production said, “Through Kim Jae Joong’s amazing vocal abilities and his deep emotional depth, a song perfect for Time Slip Dr. Jin has been born and will move listeners. Kim Jae Joong’s self-written lyrics for Even When Living, Living Like a Dream has raised the bar on the song and its influence and will help better convey the love story of Jin Hyuk in the drama. Time Slip Dr. Jin will premiere on May 26 and tells the story of a modern-day famous surgeon who enters a time slip back to the 1860s during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.

Credits: enewsworld 
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 [NEWS] 120521 JYJ’s Jaejoong Shows His Versatility with OST Track for “Time Slip Dr. Jin”

 JYJ’s Jaejoong will be part of the OST album of his upcoming MBC drama, “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” He will release “Living like a Dream,” with lyrics written by Jaejoong himself, on May 25. “The entire staff was impressed by Jaejoong’s outstanding vocals and deep emotions for this song. The song, ‘Living like a Dream,’ has lyrics written by Jaejoong, and it will only make his musical talents shine even more. We believe it will play a big role in delivering Jin Hyuk’s (Song Seung Hun) heart breaking love story,” an official was quoted as saying. “Living like a Dream” is produced by Yim Dong Kyun, whose previous works include BMK’s “Waiting only Leaves Behind Pain” and Kim Greem’s “Real Stupid.” Many industry insiders believe this OST track will further establish Jaejoong’s position within the industry as a true “do-it-all-idol,” possessing some of the best acting and singing talent among all idol stars. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Credit: Soompi
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[MyVideo] You Simply The Best - Tina Turner

This is my first attempt to upload video using vimeo. I used Tina Turner song 'You Simply The Best' coz I feel this song is made for Jae.  Photos are taken from Dr Jin teaser and Dr. Jin press conference.

Jae looks so handsome in the traditional costume.

[TWITTER] Jae Tweet Photos Of His Baby Elephant

Today, Jae tweet his baby elephants photos.The baby elephant is named PaGhreyJae (Beautiful Male Jae) given by the founder of FAE (Friends of Asian Elephant, the world’s first elephant hospital).

Jae had tweeted before showing his concern about this endangered animal in Thailand. His tweet has sparks concern on so many people. Some of them even build a foundation to save this elephants,

귀염둥이 Trans - Cutie Pie

이건 진짜 귀엽다 Trans - This is so cute

Baby… you are all hairy not like your daddy …but you are so cute like your daddy and I love u like I love your daddy…

Credit : @mjjeje
Translated by: @_alovelikewar
Shared by: PrinceJJ + JYJ3


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