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[SCANS/TRANS] Kim Jaejoong featured in a Chinese Magazine: ” This Man Is Not Cold (A Fan Description of Kim Jaejoong)”

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 [TRANS] Title: This Man Is Not Cold (A Fan Description of Kim Jaejoong)

This man who smiles as he cries, has had a mountain of sadness and heaviness on his shoulders; but one can only see happiness that is as clear as a river on his face.
This man who smiles as he cries, is staunch without a trace and without any reason. He can make the most obnoxious thing seem wronged and helpless; he can express suffocating hopelessness as pure heartlessness.
To this man who smiles as he cries, as your girl, I can only hope that when you whisper our names, even if you do shed tears, it is due to bliss.
They say if you want to see a man’s heart, you have to look at the expression in his eyes. I love looking at his eyes.
Especially when he doesn’t speak a word, the look as if he is really trying to say something.
Whenever I see his eyes, I think of the line “and with the river’s rise the moon uprises bright”.
He always carries the pain and bitterness all by himself.
I love the words he said, the things he did, the songs he sang, and the arc of his back when he walks.
I love the ease on the corner of his lips when he smiles, and the hidden weathered-ness in between his brows when he seems melancholy.
I love his sentimentality and stiffness when he was young, and his vivacity and handsomeness nowadays.
I love his moist and soft lips, and the glittering wetness on the tip of his tongue.
I am just honestly describing him from my perspective. Anyone can mock me, but cannot negate me.
His soul is gentle, peaceful, clear, and bright like the mountains bordering water in early morning.
If you hold good intentions and are willing to understand him, chances are you will end up falling for him.
He was born in the same year as I, but older than me by about six months. And he has walked much further than I, has seen seas much deeper than I have.
He has countless acquaintances, and he even flies more frequently than I ride taxis…but I still want to view his as a son.
He was born in winter, perhaps even during a snow.
Winter is always a very quiet season.
And I was reminded of the title of a birthday celebratory post by one of my favorite writers.
“The date of my birth is nirvanic tranquility”


He is almost 26, and his road ahead is still very long.
But this kid says he loves alcohol and cigarettes too much, so he probably won’t be able to live until eighty and might die before that.
The brand he smokes is Marlboro, it’s been said to be the abbreviation of “Man Always Remember Love Because Of Romantic Occasion”.
He once said, “’I’ll give everything to you, and please follow me.’ These are very romantic words in my hometown Chungcheong.”
He wrote the words he wants to say to the fans, “just believe in me, and just follow me.”
He is worthy, worthy of everything to move aside for him.
If possible, I want to offer you every wonderful thing in this world, and give everything to you. Just believe you, just follow you.
My dear Jaejoong. Do you know? There is a type of camellia cigarette here in China, and many people fall in love with it only because of a line on the package.
Now I want to give you those words. It is something I’ve always wanted to tell you since a very long time.
“When I first met you, it felt like seeing the return of an old friend”.
You. Me. Us. We are all still here. With so many people, how is it possible to not secure a future?
A lot of people were affected by S.M.’s established route and the fans of first generation, and they remain uninformed after being brainwashed…

The person who only reads manga in their hearsays actually reads Dale Carnegie everyday. The person who performs poorly in academics and is not very smart in their hearsays is actually a brilliant person who went to a magnet school, was once class president, and won second place in a science competition. The person who was saved by someone and should be thankful in their hearsays actually fought against the company to keep and save that certain someone.

Just because he is good-looking doesn’t mean he is only an eye candy. Any of his singing, compositions, or performances is worth applauding. He is amazing at arranging music, and can play numerous music instruments such as piano, violin and guitar.

Just because he is gentle doesn’t mean that he can’t be resolute and strong. Just because he values relationships doesn’t mean he is indecisive or irresponsible. When he left home and lived by himself at a young age, he took in other oppas who also left home. He cries when he reads manga, but he also reads insightful works that impels himself as well as everyone around him.

Just because he smokes, drinks and has tattoos doesn’t mean that he is a rouge. Just because he never studied abroad doesn’t mean that he is bad at foreign languages. Just because he isn’t purposefully advertising his giftedness doesn’t mean that he can’t compose. Just because he is kindhearted doesn’t mean that he has low IQ. Just because he is tolerant and patient doesn’t mean that he is an easy target. Just because he doesn’t have solo performances doesn’t mean that he isn’t good at what he does…

Now, the time to really understand this man called Kim Jaejoong has come, please accept all the pleasant surprises brought to you by Jaejoong everyday!

Source: Baidu
Translated by: g.fanns of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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