Monday, 9 April 2012

[PICS]HUMOR] Desperate Jae Wives Club (DJW CLUB) - More Goodies

All items are not for sale ..still waiting clearance and custom check from Republic of JYJ.

Bath towel.
You can wrap and keep yourself warm after that cold shower. Or you can take him to the beach and let other people envy you coz Jae is wrapped tightly around your butt.

Dream of me Bolster
Your sleep will be accompanied by the most beautiful man on earth. Wrap you legs around it and dream yourself to slumber land.

Hug me and Squeeze me Bolster
You won't be alone once you have it. No matter how much you love it, please don't squeeze too hard it will tear.

Your starlight angel will accompany you where ever you go. Just don't leave him behind. Look at that seductive look. How can't you not love him.
Your eyes will be glued to this beautiful angel with sexy pink lips..

Kiss me Pillow
Kiss him as many times as you want. Nobody knows's only between you and your sexy pillow. He did ask for it.

Sweet dreams Pillow
Again, smoochie pillow. Your sleep will be a journey to a wilderness fantasy

Dare to wear this to the beach???

And yet another piece with your angel sexy back on it

Note: I'm sorry wordpress account still not working in my blog.

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