Friday, 6 April 2012

[PICS/HUMOR] Lurking Jaejoong

I was lurking on him the other day
I saw him changing clothes at the backstage
I even got to see his tattoo at his back
and one on his chest. Not very clear ...had to move closer

This is the closest I can get
Suddenly he turned around....otoke ...otoke
Jaejoong: Hey you..  come over here!!!! ...
Jaejoong: Just kidding ....nice of you to drop by. 
Me: What the heck!!! 

Jaejoong: For all your trouble ...I'm gonna sing for you ..MAZE
Me: I'm in heaven

IF you think life can be this simple ...then dream on honey!!!!

Note: I do not own these photos. Credit as tagged and to its rightful owner
Currently wordpress account is not working in my blog comment.


  1. love this..stare mode .. 30 mins...drooling..1 hr. still here..

  2. My first funny pic .... this is where it started. Jae brings out the creativity in me .... foolish one kekekek



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