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[NEWS] Song JiHyo-Kim Jaejoong to Star as Leads in the Film “Jackal Comes”

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Actress Song JiHyo and Singer/Actor Kim Jaejoong are to star as the lead characters in the upcoming film “Jackal Comes” (Director Pe Hyun Joon).
“Jackal Comes” will be under the production of Nomad Films and officials from both their side as well as JiHyo and Jaejoong’s management company, C-JeS entertainment, have stated that Song Jihyo and Kim Jaejoong will star in “Jackal Comes” as the female and male protagonists respectively. On April 20th, C-JeS entertainment officials stated the the first readings for the movie will be finished soon.
“Jackal Comes” is a story about an unstable female bar singer who kidnaps a popular singer and tries to kill him, causing police to be dispatched and go through a number of comedic episodes trying to stop her. Both Song Jihyo and Kim Jaejoong fit well with the characters they will play and will bring their own unique colors to the scenarios portrayed in the movie.
Currently Song Jihyo is getting much love from the public for her charming, fresh appeal and work on the popular SBS variety show “Running Man”. This will be Jihyo’s first time in 4 years coming back to the movie scene since the 2008 film “Frozen Flower”.
From being an actor as well as a singer, Kim Jaejoong is advancing past the realm of dramas onto the big screen. In 2009, Jaejoong starred in the film “Heaven’s Postman”, but this is his first time being a lead in a full-length movie that will be shown to widespread commercial audiences. Last year, Jaejoong was recognized for his superior acting skills in SBS’s drama “Protect the Boss” and will be making another broadcast appearance soon as a lead role in the upcoming drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”. [Jaejoong] is expected to reveal a different set of charms for this big screen.
The Director of “Jackal Comes” is Pe Hyun Joon, who has directed past works such as “Don’t Believe Your Girlfriend” and “Boys Don’t Cry”. This film will be distributed through LOTTE Entertainment. Along with Song JiHyo and Kim Jaejoong, a large supporting cast will also be joining. The film is expected to be in theaters by September or October.

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My multi-talented prince is back on the road….our waiting finally is over …Hope this year going to be a great year for Jaejoong and the other JYJ member as well.

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