Monday, 9 April 2012

[FAN VIDEO] ♫ A compilation of Jaejoong’s Best Lives: Extreme Opposites, very soft & very powerful voice ♫

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I gathered clips of Jaejoong’s best live and compiled them, to share with you JYJ/Jaejoong fans. :) 
It is a 12 minute long video, but I am sure you will never get bored
because when you feel comfort with Jaejoong’s soft voice
then next Jaejoong’s powerful voice will knock you up right away, haha!
Video Cover

Song List
1. Proud
2. Footstep
3. Lion Heart
4. Crying
5. Doushite
6. Get Ready
7. Begin
8. It’s Only My World
9. In the Still of the Night
10. Shelter
11. Rainy Blue
12. It’s Raining Men
13. I have Nothing
14. Colors ~ Melody and Harmony ~
15. Been So Long
16. Wasurenaide
17. For You
18. Taxi
19. Heart, Mind and Soul
20. Maze
Bonus: Wrong Number
Download Link
(Size: 194.81MB)
Credit: Respective owners of each clip
Tip/Video Edited by: Jeneration (@126×204)
Shared by: JYJ3 

Blogger Note:

This is the best compilation of Jaejoong voice and songs that I’ve seen and heard so far. It contains most of my favorite songs. You can hear his soothing voice turn into powerful voice with a very smooth transition. The part that I love most is the ending of the Get Ready and It’s Raining Man. 

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