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JYJ To Perform at Nuclear Security Summmit on the 27th March 2012

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[NEWS] 120325 Young classical music artists, pop group JYJ to perform for 17 spouses attending Nuclear Security Summit


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On Tuesday (3/27), the spouses are invited to Cheong Wa Dae for more performances and a luncheon. First Lady Kim, a strong advocate of the globalization of hansik, or Korean cuisine, will host a luncheon at Sangchunjae, meaning a house used in spring. Sangchujae, built in 1983 to serve VIP guests, is the only traditional-style building at the Blue House complex. At the luncheon, the spouses will sample Korean traditional cuisine including kimchijeon, or kimchi pancake, japchae, or noodles stir fried in sesame oil with a variety of vegetables, and royal dishes.

After the luncheon, the group will attend a mini concert at Yeongbingwan, the state guest house. In a performance titled “Queen’s Morning,” Kim Joo-won, a prima ballerina with the National Ballet of Korea, will reenact a Joseon queen preparing for her wedding day. Kim will portray a bride’s anxieties and joy on her wedding day, as well as her determination to become the queen of the country by wearing 16 layers of hanbok, traditional Korean costume, with the support of her ladies-in-waiting.

Following the ballet performance, Korean Wave stars will hit the stage. Three-member boy group JYJ and ballad singer Seong Si-kyung will sing two songs each. JYJ, who also serve as PR ambassadors for the Nuclear Security Summit, will sing hits including “Be My Girl,” while Seong, nicknamed the ballad prince, will sing his latest single “First Time.”

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