Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jaejoong - How Are You???

Starlight Jaejoong

I guess by now, everybody (Jaejoong's fan) is wondering about his condition and situation. I have not heard anything since the news that he collapsed in the hospital mourning hall. His sister did tweet that Jaejoong is in pain and depression now. So as Junsu's tweet, the same info. It seems that Jaejoong is taking really hard about everything that happen to him ad JYJ. Apart from that, we heard nothing. I really hope that CJES will give or release a press statement regarding the situation. It will shade some light and rumors that been circling the internet.

I/we as a fan really miss him. Not knowing what happen to him really make me nervous. Just a tweet from him to say 'Hello' is good enough. I know, I might sound selfish and inconsiderate but it just because I care about him. I hope people will stop talking bad about him.

The coming AVEX court case is coming soon. I hope the decision will be on JYJ's side. 

Jaejoong, if you read this (it must be a miracle for me) ....be strong and gather your courage and strength to face the world. You have done this before ...and I'm sure you can do it again. 

Waiting for that SMILE to light up the gloomy day.

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