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JUNSU Musical Theater - ELISABETH

It is such a lovely day. The rain is still pouring down when I woke up this morning. The kids are still sleeping. As usual, after pondering what to do today, I turn on my laptop. Try to figure out what should I write today.
Before I start anything, I open up (the must see website), then I check my blog if there is any new viewer coming in. I’m still sad because nobody leave a comment. I’m very desperate to read what other people commenting about my blog/writing. Guess I have to patient.
Currently, the hot issue on JYJ, is the performance of JUNSU for his musical theater Elisabeth and also YOOCHUN epic drama Elisabeth. However this time I want to focus on JUNSU only. Sorry JJ and YC, because I have to leave you a while.

JUNSU receives an overwhelming favorable comments from the audience and also media for being a musical actor in this musical. It also stated that his third musical is the most successful ever after the first performance of “ELISABETH” in Vienna, Austria in 1992 (from, Clubcity).

credit: ENews, JYJ3

Credit: Honeybread + as tagged + DC + picnicxiah+ JYJ3

Elisabeth is a musical about the story of ‘Death’ and ‘an Empress’ who fell in love. In the play, he transforms again to the role of ‘Tod’, which is also the transcendental ‘Death’. ‘Death’ is a character who seduces the Empress beautifully and sweetly.

credit : muze1986net, JYJ3

credit: devilJunsu

As there are almost no lines for his role and he has to use expressions and gestures to express himself, it is the biggest difficulty. But from the comment that I read, he did it wonderfully and perfectly. No question about it. And on top of that, 99% of the audiences are female. This shows, how his charismatic personality successfully withdrawn fans to see his superb performance.

Also, for this performance he went on an extreme diet which caused him to loose 6kgs. In fact, after loosing the 6kgs, Kim Junsu’s agility has increased and his features such as his chin and jawline have become more prominent, giving him the look of a totally different person. It is a great change from the cute image that Kim Junsu was known for before.
Even though a person such as him did not have any weight to loose, Kim Junsu decided to go on a chicken breast diet because of his starring role in the musical ‘Elisabeth’. In the musical, his character often wears revealing sheer clothes, so he chose to loose weight and sculpt his body in order to show his fans a more handsome side of Kim Junsu. (from ENews, translated by DoctorJaee of JYJ3 )

The first musical that he did was 
Mozart in 2010. This is the first activity that he embarks after the long rest (splitting from TVXQ). Then, he perform Tears of Heaven for his second musical theater in 2011. After leaving TVXQ/DBSK in 2009, evidently we get to know who is JUNSU truly is. He has grown into such mature young man with deep thoughts, able to express himself with sincerity and having a clear vision and mission for his career and also his group JYJ.

Alas, best whishes and good luck for the rest of his performance and also coming concert in PERU and CHILLE in March 2012.

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