Monday, 20 February 2012

[MyVideo] Jaejoong - The Most Intriguing and Exquisite Face Ever

This is my second attempt making a personal video. Though it just a slideshow movie, I am satisfied with it. I like to take a close up of Jaejoong face. He has a very define feature. Once, he said that he don't like people to call him pretty and want fans to recognise him as handsome face. But you can deny it .. he is gorgeous. But he become manlier now as he age and mature gracefully. 

He can give you that mysterious, rugged, demure, sexy, funny, serious, adorable look ... you name it and he got it. I believe you will be mesmerized when you look at these slideshow. I bet you can't take your eyes of the screen. At the same time, by listening to his soothing voice ... you will be carried away in your own fantasy.

Please enjoy the slideshow.

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