Monday, 30 January 2012


Just finish watching MFL. Very sad and great story. Love Hyun Bin and the leading actress. I cried from part 7 onward until the end.  The phrase from the movie that I love so much, "In that short moment with my eye closed, I'll miss you".  Would it be great to be love to that extend.
I'm not so sure whether this kind of love still exist in this cruel world. Are they anyone out there who is willing to give up and sacrifice everything  just for the sake of LOVE. Maybe there is, but for all the WRONG reason. Lust is not love.

Listening to one of the songs (INSA) in the movie, sung by Kim Jae Joong make me feel so serene and dreamy. Not knowing the meaning of the song at first, I automatically fell in love with the song. But, I love it even more after finding the translation. Actually, this is the reason why I watch the movie in the first place. Any songs sing by Jae Joong is worth listening. His voice never fail to amaze me.

ba-ram-i meo-mun geu si-gan jo-cha
na-e-gen neo-mu mo-ja-ran-geol
han-beon-e mi-so ma-ji-mag in-sa
sa-rang-ham-ni-da geu-dael-..

si-gan-e ji-chyeo-do sa-rang-e a-pa-do
geu si-gan jo-cha chu-eog-i-go
ma-ji-mag in-sal ha-ne-yo
sa-rang-ham-ni-da sa-rang-hab-ni-da

Fly away Fly away Love
Fly away Fly away Love
Fly away Fly away Love

nae saeng-e dan-han-beon-ui sa-rang-a an-nyeong

Even the time that wind was stayed
that's not too enough for me
one smile ... Last greeting
i love you forever
though you were exhausted by time // you were hurted by love
that time was my memories
you did last greeting
i love you , i love you forever
your the only lover in my life 



Watch this MV for this lovely song:-
credit goes to the owner of the video.

ENJOY GUYS!!!!! I know I am.

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